Main Quest: The Lion's Will (Part 1)

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You'll begin this chapter with Alester in King's Landing (at Exit W). If you want to, you can return to Riverspring, where you might notice some changes depending on your actions during the riot. A new merchant will have set up shop (in the marketplace, at the docks, or in the Courtyard), any people you freed from execution will want to thank you, and Robin will have turned to R'hllor and become a shopkeeper (in the Godswood), assuming you talked him out of killing himself.

Note: For some reason you won't have your helmet equipped at the start of the chapter, so you might want to remedy that before proceeding.

In King's Landing, you'll quickly learn that the Gold Cloaks have put a price on your brother Gawen's head, and that many people think they can get to him through you. That means you'll have to fend off a couple of bandit attacks (at #6 and #8), but otherwise you won't find much to see or do during your explorations.

When you approach your Manse (Exit C), Valarr will hustle the servants out of the house, and he'll execute the maid Janna before dragging the steward Lambert off to the dungeons. So if you weren't sure if Valarr was going to be a bad guy or not, now you know. You'll then have a short conversation with Valarr, where the two of you will exchange threats, and you'll earn 100 xp.

After Valarr has departed, you'll be able to talk to the groom Hubb. Hubb will tell you that two letters arrived recently, but that Lambert hid them. He'll also tell you that there's a secret back entrance to the Manse (Exit D). If you reassured Hubb at the start of the conversation, then he'll offer to show you the way to the back entrance for free. Otherwise you'll have to pay him 2 silver coins for the service. You can also locate the back entrance on your own.

Note: In front of your Manse, you'll also be able to talk to a man named Endrew. He won't say much, but you'll see him again shortly.

Inside the Sarwyck Manse, you'll find one letter on the floor in the foyer (#11), and a second letter upstairs behind a shield (#12). The second letter will let you know that Gawen was seeing a woman named Falena at Chataya's, and you'll suspect that the woman might know something about where Gawen is now. However, after picking up the letter, three Gold Cloaks will appear in the Manse and attack you. You'll receive 120 xp for defeating them, plus another 100 xp for picking up the letters.

Inside Chataya's, you'll meet Chataya near the entrance (#13), and she'll let you know that Falena has a room upstairs (#18). However, on your way there you'll run into Lord Varys (#17). He'll ask you a handful of questions, and if you take the time to answer them then you'll receive the bonus trait Nostalgic (+1 skill point per level).

When you talk to Falena (#18), she'll tell you that she recently saw Gawen, and that he next planned to visit the Red Keep. You'll receive 150 xp for learning this information, and Falena will also give you the cloak Sarwyck Giltwaters, which Gawen left behind the last time he was there. However, as you attempt to leave the brothel, you'll get arrested by the Gold Cloaks, and you'll get sent to the dungeons in the Red Keep. There isn't any way to avoid this.

1 - Old Ren

Old Ren (#1) will recognize you from his days living in Riverspring -- and he'll promptly point you out to some bandits (#6). Later, you'll be able to visit Old Ren in his home (#1a), and you'll be able to take vengeance on him if you want. You won't see Old Ren again either way.

2 - Archive

In the shelves here you'll find the Westeros archive for Renly Baratheon.

3 - Armor Merchant

4 - Blacksmith

5 - Potions Merchant

6 - Reapers

In one of these two spots you'll run into the Reapers, and you'll either have to lie to them or fight them to make them go away. Regardless of what you decide, their leader Axe will get away, and you'll earn 60 xp.

7 - Tanner

8 - Bandits

Four bandits will attack you here. You'll receive 75 xp for defeating them.

9 - Archive

On a crate here you'll find the Westeros archive for House Martell.

10 - Archive

On a table here you'll find the Westeros archive for Vassals.

11 - Letter

12 - Shield

13 - Chataya

14 - Archive

On the fireplace mantel you'll find the Westeros archive for Stannis Baratheon.

15 - Archive

On the (very large) bed here you'll find the Westeros archive for Tyrion Lannister.

16 - Archive

On the counter here you'll find the Westeros archive for The Summer Isles.

17 - Lord Varys

18 - Falena

  1. Sewer entrance. You can go down into the sewers if you want, but you won't be able to do anything down there until later.
  2. Entrance to Chataya's.
  3. Front entrance to the Sarwyck Manse.
  4. Hidden back entrance to the Sarwyck Manse.
  5. World exit.