Main Quest: A New Hope (Part 2)

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When you enter the Tower of the City Watch, you'll earn 50 xp. You'll be in disguise, so the first thing you should do is talk to all of the Gold Cloaks inside so you can get the lay of the land. In particular, you should learn about Janos Slynt (#1, #4, #5), Ser Harrold (#2, #4), the unidentified corpse in the basement (#2, #5), and the wagering on Orys' survival (#1, #3).

Next up, you should go down into the Basement to check out the corpse and Orys. To get past Caron (#6), you'll need to choose the dialogue option about wagering. This will earn you 50 xp. Humphrey (#8) will allow you to pass by to see the corpse, but to get the Key to Orys' Cell from him, you'll need to threaten him by invoking Harrold, bribe him with 125 silver coins, or kill him. If you choose the latter option, then you'll receive 25 xp. Regardless of your choice, Humphrey and the guard with him will disappear.

When you examine the corpse of the nobleman (#9), you'll notice that he's wearing the Sarwyck crest, and you'll find another Letter from Falena in his possession, complete with a lock of her hair. With that evidence in hand, you'll decide that he must be Gawen.

When you talk to Orys (#10), he'll make some interesting claims -- that he was hired by Janos Slynt, the commander of the City Watch; that Slynt's orders came from the Red Keep and possibly Valarr; and that an incriminating letter can be found in Slynt's office upstairs. After giving you this information, Orys will ask you to spare his life and help him escape. You can put off this decision for the time being while you check to see if he was telling you the truth.

To get upstairs, you'll need to talk your way past Raymun (#7). To do this, simply pretend to be on a mission from Janos Slynt. You'll earn 50 xp for succeeding in the ruse. Then in Slynt's office (#11), you'll find a Letter to the Commander of the City Watch. It will indeed be from Valarr, but interestingly it will indicate that the boy with Gawen was the target, and Gawen was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You'll also find Slynt's seal, which you'll need to take if you want to help Orys to escape without killing all of the guards.

Back in the Basement, you'll have to decide what to do about Orys (#10). If you kill him, then you'll earn the bonus trait Justice is Blind (critical damage +1%), and you'll be able to walk right out of the tower. If you decide to rescue Orys, then you'll have to make another decision when you reach Caron (#6). If you have Slynt's seal, then you'll be able to convince Caron that you're transferring Orys under orders from Slynt. If you don't have the seal, then you'll have to fight Caron and all of the other guards in the tower. If Orys escapes, then you'll gain the bonus trait Art of Escape (deflection +1%), and you'll meet Orys again later. If you exit the tower without fighting (helping Orys or not), then you'll earn 150 xp. If you kill the guards then you'll earn 125 xp.

When you report your findings to Lord Harlton at his manse, you'll work out that Valarr and the queen are for some reason targeting bastards. Harlton will then suggest that you meet with Maester Rupert at the arena in the Sewers, since he has a book on the lineages of the Seven Kingdoms, and it might explain the importance of the bastards.

Inside the Sewers, when you ask Rupert for the book, he'll demand a service from you in return. He'll tell you that he owes a debt to Ossifer, the master of the arena, which he can only repay by besting the arena's champion in a duel. He'll then name you to take his place. You'll have to agree to this deal.

Inside the arena, you'll face Errok, a wildling from the north. For best results, you should just stun or knock down Errok as much as possible, recovering your energy when necessary. When Errok goes down, he'll drop about 30 silver coins, and you'll earn 500 xp. Then when you return to Rupert, he'll give you the book as promised, and Ser Desmond will hand over the Key to the Arena Private Entrance, which will open up the Sewer entrance next to Lord Harlton's manse.

Note: When you exit the Sewers, you'll trigger the quest Blood on the Sand, which will involve more fighting in the area.

When you return to Lord Harlton, the two of you will begin looking through the book, and you'll realize that "raven hair prevails over golden." That is, the children of a Lannister and a Baratheon should have dark hair, not blond, which means the royal children are illegitimate.

Harlton will then introduce you to the Brotherhood, a group of nobles trying to bring the Targaryen line back into power, and you'll be accepted in. For your first task for the Brotherhood, you'll need to return to Riverspring, where your father supposedly kept a list of Valarr's "abuses of power." Harlton will suspect that this list might prove useful in driving a wedge between the king and the queen. You'll receive 200 xp at the end of the conversation.

1 - Justin

2 - Rufus

3 - Duran

4 - Androw

5 - Lester

6 - Caron

7 - Raymun

8 - Humphrey

9 - Corpse

10 - Orys

11 - Janos Slynt's Office

  1. Exit to King's Landing.
  2. Stairs between the Ground Floor and the Basement.
  3. Stairs between the Ground Floor and the Upper Floor.
  4. World exit.