Gameplay Notes
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We wrote the walkthrough using the "knight" difficulty setting.

The walkthrough is divided up by chapter. You'll start out controlling one character at a time, but eventually the two characters will meet and you'll control them together.

The walkthroughs for the main quests contain extra information about the locations in the chapter (such as useful equipment you can find, or NPCs who can give you quests). The walkthroughs for side quests only contain information relevant to the quests.


If you don't plan on switching weapons and armor with regularity, then there isn't much need to worry about skill points. Even with only 8 skill points per level, you'll be able to max out or nearly max out two weapon skills and an armor skill (assuming you focus on skills for which you have a learning bonus, which is a good idea).

Given the above, when choosing strengths and weaknesses for your characters, the "Witless" weakness (-2 skill points per level) is a good choice.

The level cap is 15, which you'll likely only hit at or near the final battle in the game.


The Bonus Loot stat can give you extra equipment as you play your way through the game. Any item found because of this stat will be marked as "(bonus loot)" after the name of the item, so you'll see what you're getting extra.

Bonus Loot won't give you any "purple" items, so it's only good for earning a little extra money via item sales.

The money system in the game is a little bit strange. 16 bronze coins equals a silver coin, and 210 silver coins equals a gold coin.