Main Quest: Fight Fire with Fire

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You'll start out this quest with Alester locked in his father's tomb in the Tunnels beneath Riverspring Castle (#1). Soon enough, Ryman will free you, and you'll decide to exterminate the Bloodseekers in the castle. Ryman will join you for this, and you'll earn 400 xp plus the bonus trait Back from Beyond the Grave (endurance +1).

First off, you'll need to free some imprisoned guards so they can help you take back the castle. Inside the prison (#4), you'll face a tough group of Bloodseekers, but they'll be separated enough that you should be able to break up the fight into multiple parts (by immediately heading west from the entrance). You'll earn 340 xp for defeating the Bloodseekers. Then to release Greydon, Jon, and the other guards, you'll just need to pick up the Key to Riverspring's Cells (#5) and open up the guards' cells (#6). There are more prisoners that you can free as well (#7), but you should save them for the quest New Blood.

When you exit the prison, you'll put on a Bloodseeker disguise, which will allow you to infiltrate the castle and take the lay of the land. Meanwhile, Ryman and the guards you freed will head to the Godswood and await your signal. Then as you exit the Tunnels, you'll run into a group of three Bloodseekers (#10). If you choose the dialogue option "This soldier is clearly not respecting rules," then you'll avoid a fight. Otherwise, you'll have to fight the Bloodseekers, which will earn you 95 xp.

When you enter the castle, you'll run into "Lord Wex" in the throne room (#11). He'll complain that one of his men is wounded, and that Master Harwyn has been slow to heal him. He'll also recommend that you have some fun with the servants. This conversation will trigger a new objective -- to ensure Harwyn's safety -- but it will also hint that others (#12, #15) could use your help as well.

You'll find Harwyn in his chamber (#13). He'll be treating Dale, who you'll learn is one of Wex's best swordsmen. You'll have two choices for what to do:
  • You can order Harwyn to poison Dale. This will cause the surviving Bloodseekers in the chamber to attack you, and you'll earn 45 xp for defeating them. With Dale dead, Wex won't give you permission to open the gates, and so you'll need to head upstairs to Jorah (#14), and kill him for Jorah's Signet Ring (you'll also find Gawen's Fixed Locket and the Westeros archive for The Shadowbinders on your sister's corpse in the room). Then you'll just need to head down to the front gates (Exit C) and use the ring to send the gate guards on their way. This will allow you to open the gates for Rymen and his men.

  • You can order Harwyn to heal Dale. This will cause the Bloodseekers in the chamber to leave and head over to the throne room (#11). When you reach the throne room yourself, you'll be able to ask Wex for Ravella, and he'll give her to you as a reward. You'll then be able to spirit Ravella away into the Tunnels, and she'll give you The Crone before departing. Afterwards, when you return to Wex, he'll give you permission to exit the castle, and when you tell the Bloodseeker Blurd (at Exit C) about Wex's decision, he'll allow you to pass. Then when you open the gate, Ryman and a guard will show up, and they'll help you to defeat the Bloodseekers at the front gates, which will earn you 85 xp.
When you open up the front gates to the castle, you'll earn 300 xp, but then you'll have to make a decision -- to clear out the left wing (the kitchen, dining hall, and office) or the right wing (the bedchambers). The left wing is more difficult but worth 675 xp. The right wing is easier but worth 625 xp. Greydon and his men will clear out the wing you don't choose, and they'll take more losses if they have to go left. Before clearing out your wing, be sure to check Alester's equipment, since he won't need to stay in his Bloodseeker disguise any longer. Also, after clearing out your wing, be sure to investigate the other wing, because you'll find the loot from Geydon's battles.

Back in the throne room (#11), you'll encounter Wex again, and this time he and his men will attack you. However, between Ryman, Greydon, and others, you'll have him outnumbered, and so the battle shouldn't be overly tough. After completing the fight, you'll earn 70-135 xp, and you'll find the mace Splasher on Wex's corpse. If you didn't rescue Ravella earlier, then you'll also find her corpse in the room, and you'll be able to loot it for The Crone.

With the castle secure, you'll now need to take back the town. To do this, you'll need to head over to Harwyn's Chamber (#13) and divide up your forces. For a "total victory," which will earn you the Unrivaled Strategist achievement, you should assign pikemen to Greydon, armed villagers to Jon, and bowmen to Ryman. For a loss, which will require you to load your game, you should assign bowmen to Greydon, pikemen to Jon, and armed villagers to Ryman. Any other assignment will result in a regular victory.

For recapturing the town (regardless of the type of victory), you'll earn 500 xp. You'll then decide to head over to the Courtyard (via Exit C) to pay your respects to Mors. However, unlike your father, when you give Mors the Last Kiss, he'll come back to life and earn the bonus trait Back from the Seven Hells (+1 endurance).

1 - Raynald's Tomb

2 - Closed Gate

You won't be able to pass through this gate. You'll have to take a detour through the nearby secret passage (#3).

3 - Secret Passage

You'll need to use your Vision of R'hllor to detect this passage.

4 - Prison

5 - Key

6 - Guards

7 - Prisoners

You can possibly find prisoners in each of these cells.

8 - Tyrek

If you arrested Tyrek during the riot in Chapter 2, then this is where you'll find his body, complete with the letter Our Fight and the trinket Symbol of Defiance. Otherwise, you'll find an anonymous dead man here with a few silver coins on his body.

9 - Secret Room

You'll need to use your Vision of R'hllor to detect this room.

10 - Bloodseekers

11 - Throne Room

In a chest next to the throne you'll find a Sarwyck Mail Coif.

12 - Dining Hall

In this room you'll meet a Bloodseeker named Goat. He'll have a noblewoman named Myrielle dancing on the table next to him. When you talk to Goat, you'll learn that he plans to rape and then kill Myrielle. If you want to, you can buy Myrielle from him, and then send her into the Tunnels for safety, but it will cost you 400 or 240 (if you haggle) silver coins.

13 - Harwyn's Chamber

14 - Bedroom

After speaking with Harwyn (#13), you'll be allowed to enter this chamber, where you'll discover the Bloodseeker Jorah with the body of your sister. If you say "I'm going to take my time with this," then you'll fight Jorah normally, and you'll earn 60 xp when he dies. Otherwise, you'll kill him in a cut scene, and you won't earn any xp. You'll receive Jorah's Signet Ring when you kill Jorah, and you'll find Gawen's Fixed Locket and the Westeros archive for The Shadowbinders on the corpse of you sister.

15 - Bedroom

In this bedroom you'll find a servant girl being molested by a pair of Bloodseekers. To save her, you'll need to defeat the Bloodseekers in battle, which will earn you 45 xp.

  1. Doorway between the Tunnels and the Ground Floor.
  2. Stairs between the Ground Floor and the Upper Floor.
  3. Gates between Riverspring Castle and the Courtyard.