Strengths and Weaknesses

Accurate (+1): You strike with precision, able to probe and exploit the weaknesses in your opponent's armor. Chance to inflict "bleeding" (6s) for each attack: +1%.

Acrobat (+3): Your keen sense of balance allows you to deflect blows more skillfully. Deflection chance: +6%.

Adventurer (+1): Your senses are well developed. Chance of bonus loot: +5%.

Ambidextrous (+1): You are particularly comfortable with a weapon in each hand. Critical hit chance with two weapons: +2%.

Art of Medicine (+2): You are master of the curative arts. The health gained from a healing flasks: +15%.

Assassin (+1): You are comfortable handling small blades. Attack speed with a dagger or shortsword: +2%.

Born Leader (+4): Your leadership skills motivate those around you. Damage for your teammate and your allies: +7%.

Bruiser (+1): Your physical strength makes you more effective using two-handed weapons. Damage with two-handed weapons: +2%.

Brute (+2): Your overwhelming might is too much for enemies, giving you a chance to stun them. Chance to inflict the state "stunned" (3s) with each attack: 2%.

Dexterous (+1): Your natural dexterity gives you an innate proficiency with ranged weapons. Hit chance with ranged weapons: +2%.

Gifted (+2): Your aptitude for learning allows you to pick up skills more quickly than most. Skill points earned each level: +2.

Honed Reflexes (+1): Countless battles have tuned your reflexes so finely that you can now avoid the worst situations without even thinking. Critical hit damage resistance: +10%.

Leech (+3): The sight of blood fuels your desire for battle. Damage when your opponent is bleeding: +15%.

Master of Poisons (+2): Your knowledge of toxins allows you to wield them more skillfully than most. Poison effect duration: +3 seconds.

Parry (+1): You are an expert at parrying attacks with your shield. Damage resistance when using a shield: +2%.


Allergic (-1): Your allergies makes you more accutely affected by poisons. Poison effect duration: +3 seconds.

Asthmatic (-2): Your asthma makes you slightly more fatigued when you perform strenuous tasks. All energy costs: +8%.

Bad Leader (-4): Your poor leadership skills discourage the people around you. Damage for your teammate and allies: -7%.

Clumsy (-2): You are not very good at handling flasks. Chance to fail each time you use a flask: 15%.

Collapsed Lung (-1): A previous injury in battle has claimed the use of one of your lungs. Energy recovery: -4%.

Gout (-2): This arthritic condition inflames your joints and makes moving difficult. Attack speed: -5%.

Greyscale (-3): This disease, which causes your flesh to harden, makes your dodges less effective. Deflection chance: -6%.

Half Pint (-1): Due to your small frame, you're less able to shrug off blows. Damage resistance: -2%.

Hematophobia (-3): Your fear of blood makes you less effective against bleeding enemies. Damage when your opponent is bleeding: -15%.

Hemophiliac (-1): This condition hinders the clotting ability of your blood. Damage received by the state "bleeding": +100%.

Inattentive (-1): You are less likely to deliver critical hits. Critical hit chance: -2%.

Paranoid (-1): Your mind is constantly envisioning the worst possible scenario, a fear that manifests even larger when attacked by many. Hit chance when three or more opponents attack you: -5%.

Psychopath (-1): Your need to kill makes you unstable. Deflection chance for each opponent finished off by someone other than you: -5%.

Pyrophobia (-1): A crippling fear of flames causes fire attacks to burn you even hotter than they would a normal person. Damage taken by fire: +20%.

Witless (-2): You're not the sharpest blade in the armory. Skill points gained each level: -2.