Main Quest: Light and Shadow (Part 2)

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Inside the lower depths of the Red Keep, you'll have to do some more fighting, but now along with Bloodseekers you'll also encounter a pair of pyromancers. After the second pyromancer battle (#3), you'll earn 125 xp, and when you loot the corpses you'll find a Letter from Valarr to the Pyromancers, a Master Pyromancer's Ring, and a Silver Key. The Silver Key will allow you to unlock a nearby cell (#4), where you'll find a Valyrian Steel Sword, the Westeros archive for The Alchemists' Guild, and more.

Note: If you already had a Valyrian Steel Sword, then this second one will disappear rather than give you two.

When you reach the Throne Room (via Exit C), you'll earn 125 xp, and you'll encounter Valarr. You'll be able to use both characters against him this time, but twice during the fight he'll summon a shadow, which you'll only be able to damage with a Valyrian weapon. So send one character against the shadow while the other deals with Valarr, and try to kill the shadow as quickly as possible. Each time the game switches to a cut scene (such as when Valarr summons his shadows), you'll regain your energy, so don't worry about holding anything back.

When Valarr goes down, you'll earn 125 xp, but before he dies he'll reveal that Alester killed Mors' wife Cerenna. This of course will anger Mors.

1 - Starting Point

2 - First Pyromancer Battle

3 - Second Pyromancer Battle

4 - Locked Cell

  1. Stairs between the Lower Basement and the Upper Basement.
  2. Stairs between the Upper Basement and the Dungeons.
  3. Doorway between the Dungeons and the Throne Room.