Main Quest: Promise (Part 1)

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Westford Cottage

You'll begin this quest with Mors at Westford Cottage. You'll get ambushed by Valarr's forces, but fortunately Lord Harlton's man Endrew will show up and come to your aid. What you'll need to do during this sequence is protect Jeyne. She'll call out where the enemies are focusing their attention, and you'll need to defeat those enemies before they can break down one of the cottage's three doors (#1) and get inside. If Valarr's men succeed in breaking down a door, then you'll fail the quest, so you'll need to be quick in your actions and make sure all enemies concentrate on you rather than the doors.

For each skirmish at a door, you'll earn 50 xp, and you'll also exit and then re-enter battle, meaning you'll regain all of your health and energy, and any unconscious allies will get back up. So don't save your energy for later. Take down the enemies as quickly as you can. During the final door fight, you'll face off against a larger contingent of enemies, including a boss character named Deziel. After the battle, you'll find some useful loot, including Rhoynish Pride and the Westeros archive for Dorne (both on Deziel), and you'll also earn 1640 xp.

To complete this portion of the quest, you'll need to talk to Ethan, the captain of Lord Harlton's guard (#3). You'll decide to travel to Castlewood, where Jeyne will have access to a maester. But before you leave, make sure you visit your wife's grave (#2). Inside you'll find Cerenna's Amber Pendant.


On your way to Castlewood, you'll stop for the night at a Camp. During this intermission, you'll need to talk to Jeyne (#4), Endrew (#6), and Ethan (#8). You'll receive 50 xp after completing the conversations. From what we can tell, it won't make any difference what you say, so feel free to be trustful or not. Before leaving, be sure to pick up a War Axe (#5) and a Westeros archive (#7). Then to leave the area, simply talk to Jeyne again.

1 - Cottage Door

2 - Cerenna's Grave

Inside the grave you'll find Cerenna's Amber Pendant.

3 - Ethan

4 - Jeyne

5 - War Axe

You'll find a War Axe leaning against the archway here.

6 - Endrew

7 - Skeleton

On the skeleton you'll find the Westeros archive for House Greyjoy.

8 - Ethan

$ - Secret Stash