Side Quest: Rituals and Litanies

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You'll receive this quest from Duncan Paege (#1) when you return to Castle Black after attempting to rescue Jeyne from Castlewood.


When you talk to Paege, you'll learn that Patrek has been arrested for murdering five brothers of the Night's Watch. However, Paege won't know of any particularly good reason for the arrest -- he'll just inform you that the murders have the appearance of wildling rituals, and that Patrek joined the Night's Watch from Beyond the Wall. Paege will also tell you that Addam Flowers is in charge of the investigation, and that he's the one who claims Patrek is the culprit. You won't believe that Patrek could have committed the murders, and so you'll ask Paege if you can assist in the investigation. He'll give you permission.

To clear Patrek, you'll first need to visit the stables where Myles, the most recent victim, was found (#2). You'll find Flowers there, and he'll describe to you the "overwhelming" evidence against Patrek: that Patrek is considered by many to be a wildling at heart, that Patrek was in the vicinity of each murder, and that Flowers found wildling trinkets when he searched Patrek's possessions.

To learn more about Myles, you'll need to switch to the dog and click on Myles' corpse. This will give you Myles' scent, which will lead you to one of the outbuildings (#3). When you click on the outbuilding and switch back to Mors, you'll automatically start a conversation with Lothor, and he'll give you some important information -- that he saw Myles and Patrek leaving the building together just before Myles' murder.

When you ask Patrek (#1) about this accusation, he'll reluctantly tell you that Myles feared for his life and was planning to flee from the Wall, and that it had something to do with a patrol he was on with Wat. Patrek will also deny owning any wildling trinkets.

Note: If you want, you can stop investigating at this point by choosing the "He can have his punishment" dialogue option while talking to Patrek. This will complete the quest and earn you 200 xp.

You'll find Wat on the raised walkway next to the eastern entrance to the Common Hall (#4). At first he'll deny knowing anything about Myles, but then he'll cave in and reveal that four years ago he and Myles -- and the four other victims -- were on a patrol where one of the brothers had his heart ripped out by wildlings. However, Wat will claim that his memory of this patrol is "vague," and he won't remember who else was involved.

Note: At this point you can accuse Wat of the murders by choosing the "He is guilty" dialogue option. This will complete the quest and earn you 200 xp.

To learn who was in the patrol, you'll need to head up to the top floor of the Common Hall (Exit A) and read through the records you'll find in the shelf right next to Walder. You'll learn that Addam Flowers was the patrol leader, and that Wat is the only other survivor of the patrol. You'll then decide to search through Flowers' possessions, which are located in a chest in the southwestern corner of the ground floor. You'll find a letter there, and it will indicate that one of the members of the patrol "saw what really happened," and started blackmailing Flowers.

Back outside, you won't be allowed to enter the stables (#2), but when you talk to Paege (#1), he'll inform you that Flowers and Wat just left for Mole's Town, where supposedly another body was just found. Then as you make your way towards the area exit (Exit W), you'll be intercepted by a group of brothers, who will want to put a stop to your "little investigation." If you inform the brothers that Flowers is responsible, then they'll leave you alone. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them, but they won't actually die, and so you won't earn any xp for the battle.

When you reach the forest outside of Mole's Town, you'll quickly catch sight of Flowers (#5), but it will be too late for Wat. You'll then have to fight Flowers, but the battle should be pretty easy with Alester, Mors, and the dog on your side. When Flowers dies, you'll earn 150 xp, and you'll find the short sword Shadow Fiend on his corpse. Then to complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Duncan Paege (#1). He'll release Patrek, and you'll earn 450 xp.

1 - Duncan Paege / Patrek

2 - Stables / Addam Flowers

3 - Outbuilding

4 - Wat

5 - Addam Flowers

  1. Entrance to the Common Hall.
  2. World exit.