Main Quest: Beauty and the Beast

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In this quest you'll be controlling Mors. You'll start out at Castle Black, and Ser Godric will be with you. The first thing you'll need to do for the quest is head to Mole's Town, but there isn't any hurry for this, so you can wander around and do some shopping, or attempt to sniff out some secret stashes with the dog (see the quest entry for Between a Hunter and His Prey for the Castle Black stash locations).

When you arrive at the forest surrounding Mole's Town, you'll find everything to be quiet. Godric's men will be waiting at their camp (#2) -- except for Jared, who you'll find "interrogating" a merchant named Lommy (#4). You and Godric will rebuke Jared for his actions, which will cause him to like you even less than he did before, and you'll earn 50 xp for the encounter. Lommy will then head into the Brothel, where you'll be able to purchase items from him (#6).

Inside the brothel, no matter what you say to Sybelle (#5) she'll tell you that the girl's name is Jeyne Greystone, and that you can find her in one of the rooms downstairs (#10). When you reach the room, you won't find Jeyne, but you will find her possessions, including The Mother (which you'll need for the quest The Faith of Our Ancestors). You'll also pick up Jeyne's scent from the possessions, which will allow you to track her with the dog.

Jeyne's scent will lead you down into the Tunnels. In a few places (including #8 and #13) you'll have to switch to Mors so that the dog can pass. Most of the Tunnels will be blocked off -- one door will be guarded by someone asking for a password (#11), and another will be closed for a murder investigation (#12) -- and so you won't have many places that you can go. But don't rush right off to find Jeyne. From the lone secret stash ($) in the area, you can pick up a Neck Ring of the First Men, a useful trinket.

When you reach Jeyne (#14), she'll point out that Godric is an impostor, and when you decide to take everybody back to Castle Black, Godric and his men will show their true colors. Godric will immediately attack you, and once you've damaged him enough, he'll flee but then three of his men will come in to finish you off. You won't get a chance to rest in between these battles, so be sure to have a healing potion of some sort just in case. After the battle, you'll receive over 400 xp total, and you'll pick up Godric's scent.

When you exit the Tunnels (via Exit C), you'll encounter Patrek fighting some of Godric's men. Once he's finished them off, he'll join you, and you'll earn 200 xp. Then several more of Godric's men will show up, and you'll have to defeat them as well. Patrek has an area attack ability, which you should make good use of here. You'll earn 185 xp at the end of the battle.

Godric's scent will lead you to the campsite in the middle of the forest (#2), but to get there you'll have to wade through about a dozen of Godric's men. You'll have two choices for how to do this. The easiest but slowest way is to use the dog. You'll find the men far enough apart that you'll be able to sneak up behind them one at a time and rip out their throats. The more difficult but faster way is to use Mors and Patrek. You'll mostly only have to face one or two enemies at a time, and while they'll have more health than you might expect (usually 2-3 bars), the battles against them should be easier than the other battles this chapter.

Either way, you'll earn 20-50 xp for defeating each enemy, and you'll find a collection of Vale of Arryn armor on their bodies. Godric's scent will take you right to the campfire in the middle of the campsite, and when you examine it, you'll discover that Godric burned his clothes, which will prevent you from following him further. However, you will find roughly 40 silver coins in the campfire (the amount is random).

Before returning to Castle Black, you'll have to do one more thing -- defeat an ambush. If you send the dog past the downed tree north of the campsite (#1), then you'll hear three Night's Watch brothers agreeing to work with two of Godric's men. You'll then run into the brothers as you make your way out of the area. If you know what they're up to, then you can fight the brothers and Godric's men in two separate fights, making things easier. Otherwise, you'll have to fight all five at the same time. In total, you'll receive a Greatsword, a Guisarme, 60 silver coins, and 340 xp for defeating the five enemies.

When you return to Castle Black, you'll earn 100 xp, and you'll find the Lord Commander waiting for you outside. When you tell him what happened, he'll bring out four of Godric's men, whom he arrested. You'll then have to decide what to do with them -- allow them to take the black, or kill them. If you kill them, then you'll receive the bonus trait Unimpeachable Morals (damage resistance +1%). If you allow them to take the black, then you'll receive the bonus trait Opportunistic (damage +2% for your allies).

1 - Downed Tree

The tree will block Mors, but the dog will be able to pass under it.

2 - Godric's Camp

3 - Dead Stag

When you search the stag you'll find the Westeros archive for Direwolves.

4 - Jared

5 - Sybelle

6 - Lommy and Mule

You'll be able to buy some equipment from Mule, including Davos Seaworth's Gloves, a Silver Ring, and Syrio Forel's Dueling Boots.

7 - Patrek and Walder

If you talk to Patrek and Walder, you can learn how they came to be at the Wall.

8 - Cook

The cook will kick the dog if you're controlling it, but he'll let it pass if you're controlling Mors.

9 - Locked Door

You won't be able to unlock the door during this chapter.

10 - Jeyne's Room

11 - Locked Door

If you try to open this door, then someone will ask you for a password, which you won't know. You won't be able to go through the door until later.

12 - Locked Door

If you talk to Dale Tomato outside the door, then he'll tell you that a Night's Watch brother was killed in the room on the other side, and that the room is currently being sealed off until the crime can be investigated. You won't be able to get inside until later.

13 - Bran and Ben

You'll meet the smugglers Bran and Ben here. You can either shoo them away or fight them. If you choose the latter option, then you'll receive 120 xp for defeating them.

14 - Jeyne

$ - Secret Stash

  1. Entrance to the Brothel.
  2. Trap door between the Brothel and the Tunnels.
  3. One-way exit from the Tunnels to the Exterior.
  4. World exit.