Main Quest: A New Hope (Part 1)

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You'll begin this chapter right outside the Red Keep (Exit A), and you'll need to head north so you can meet with Lord Harlton inside his residence (#2). When you get there, you'll be greeted by Ser Ethan, Harlton's captain of the guard, and he'll tell you that he doesn't think much of you or your "worthless religion." However, Harlton himself (#4) will be more pleasant. He'll inform you that he tracked Gawen down to the Sewers, but that Gawen might have been murdered while there. You'll then decide to investigate the matter, and Harlton will loan you Ser Desmond to help you out. You'll find the entrance to the Sewers on the western side of the city (Exit B).

Inside the Sewers, you'll come to a locked gate (#5), and you'll have to pass through the arena (#6) to get to the crime scene. The arena will be empty at this point, but later fighters and gamblers will show up, and you'll be able to complete the quest Blood on the Sand there.

Past the arena, you'll run into a group of bandits looting a corpse (#7). You'll receive 89 xp for defeating the bandits, and on the corpse you'll find the Key to the Sewer Drain, which will allow you to open the locked gate that you ran into earlier (#5). Then at the crime scene (#9), you'll encounter Porky and Stainer, a pair of Reapers. After defeating them in battle, Porky will tell you that the Reaper leader Orys was responsible for the murders, but that only a Reaper named Axe might know where he is. Porky will also give you Gawen's Broken Locket, which he'll claim he found at the crime scene. It won't make any difference if you kill Porky or let him live.

Note: You might remember Axe from Chapter 4, when he and some other Reapers attacked you in King's Landing.

To talk to Axe, you'll need to travel to the Reaper den, which is located on the eastern side of the Sewers (#14). You'll encounter several groups of Reapers inside and outside the den, but you'll receive over 360 xp for defeating them. If you use your Vision of R'hllor ability, then you'll also detect a pair of wall sconces (#11), which you'll be able to move to reveal secret passages.

When you reach Axe at the back of the Reaper den (#15), he and some other Reapers will attack you, and you'll receive 125 xp for defeating them. Axe will then let you know that the Gold Cloaks arrested Orys, and that they're holding him in the Tower of the City Watch (Exit E). If you reward Axe by killing him, then on his corpse you'll find Axe's Axe. If you allow Axe to live, then he'll help you later in the campaign.

You'll then decide to meet with Orys, which will require you to disguise yourself as a Gold Cloak so you can infiltrate their tower. There are five items in a Gold Cloak uniform, and you'll have two ways to acquire each item:
Each time you pick up an item or two from a source, you'll gain 50 xp (except at the sleeping guard you have to kill, where you'll earn 100 xp). If you steal all of the items, then you'll earn the bonus trait Resourceful (chance of bonus loot +1%).

Note: The items in the Gold Cloak uniform will start out as quest items, but then they'll become regular equipment once you've infiltrated the Tower of the City Watch. So if you had to buy the items, then you'll eventually get some of your money back.

To continue on in the quest, you'll need to wear all of the Gold Cloak items and enter the Tower of the City Watch (Exit E). Ser Desmond won't travel with you. He'll return to Lord Harlton.

1 - Archive

When you examine the painting on the wall here, you'll gain the codex entry for The Children of the Forest.

2 - Entrance to Lord Harlton's Residence

3 - Archive

On the bench here you'll find the Westeros archive for House Tyrell.

4 - Lord Harlton

5 - Locked Gate

You'll need the Key to the Sewer Drain to open this gate. You'll find it on a robbery victim nearby (#7).

6 - Arena

On a ledge here you'll find the Westeros archive for Trial by Combat.

7 - Bandits / Victim

8 - Archive

At this spot you'll find the Westeros archive for House Stark.

9 - Crime Scene

10 - Locked Gate

You'll need the Reapers' Master Key to open this gate. You'll find it at the crime scene (#9).

11 - Wall Sconces

If you detect these sconces with your Vision of R'hllor ability, then you'll be able to use them to open up secret passages.

12 - Lever

Pulling this lever will open up the wall to the west.

13 - Lever

Pulling this lever will open a wall to the west (near #12).

14 - Secret Passage

You won't be able to use this passage until later in the game.

15 - Reaper Base Entrance

16 - Axe

17 - Sleeping Guard

18 - Sleeping Guard

19 - Chataya

20 - Eustace

21 - Flement

22 - Andrey

$ - Secret Stash

  1. Entrance to the Red Keep.
  2. Main entrance to the Sewers.
  3. Private entrance to Sewers. To use this entrance you'll need the Key to the Arena Private Entrance, which you'll receive from Ser Desmond later in the chapter.
  4. One-way exit from the Sewers.
  5. Entrance to the Tower of the City Watch.
  6. World exit.