Side Quest: The Black Bloodhound

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You'll receive this quest from Jeor Mormont (#1) at the start of Chapter 7.


Mormont will tell you that he's assigned Addam Flowers (#2) to investigate which brothers at Castle Black have taken money from the fake Godric Donnerly (aka Yohn), and he'll invite you to assist him. When you make your way over to Flowers, he'll tell you that he has a handful of suspects, but that one of them, Domeric, is missing and might have already fled.

To figure out who is guilty, you'll need to talk to the suspects:
  • Arthur and Trebor (#3). No matter what you say to the pair, they'll quickly admit that Domeric tried to recruit them for Donnerly, and that Trebor killed him (they'll also mention that they hid Domeric's body outside, but you won't be able to find it). If you promise to turn a blind eye to their actions, then Arthur will mention that he saw one of the guards talking to one of the suspects, but he won't know which one. You'll receive 25 xp at the end of the conversation.

  • Bartram (#4). He'll deny talking to Donnerly. He'll also reveal that Trebor has been acting strangely lately, and that Jonos is suddenly flush with money. If you ask Bartram about talking to Donnerly (information from Grance), then he'll change his story and mention that he exchanged some words with Donnerly in passing.

    If you switch to the dog and follow Bartram's scent, then you'll head downstairs, where you'll witness the guard Gwayne putting supplies into Bartram's bag (#4a). Gwayne won't want to be arrested, and he'll fight you. You'll receive 80 xp for defeating him, and you'll find a Gourd and Bartram's Saddlebag in the bag. Then when you return to Bartram, he won't want to be arrested, either, and you'll earn 95 xp for defeating him.

  • Grance (#6). He'll tell you that Arthur and Trebor have cut themselves off from the rest of the brothers, and that he saw Bartram talking to Donnerly. If you ask Grance about his sudden influx of money (information from Jonos), then he'll admit to taking money from Donnerly, but he'll claim that he didn't agree to do anything.

  • Jonos. (#5). He'll reveal that Trebor has been more "on edge" than usual, and that Grance suddenly came up with enough money to pay off his debts. If you ask Jonos about his sudden influx of money (information from Bartram), then he'll claim that he won the money from Donnerly and his men by gambling with them.

    If you switch to the dog and follow Jonos' scent, then you'll find Jonos' Loot upstairs (#5a). You can also receive the loot by talking to Jonos and threatening to reveal his gambling operation to Flowers. The loot will indicate that Jonos is innocent, since it's more about favors than money, and he'd lose it all if he left. You won't be able to do anything with the loot since it's a quest item. If instead of threatening Jonos you tell him that you think he's innocent, then he'll give you 25 silver coins.
When you return to Flowers (#2) after investigating all of the suspects, you'll have to decide which ones to turn in. Bartram is the only traitor, but the others have issues as well. This decision won't make any difference as far as we can tell. All of the suspects will disappear at the end of the quest, and you won't see any of them again. You'll earn 25-50 xp for completing the quest.

1 - Jeor Mormont

2 - Addam Flowers

3 - Arthur and Trebor

4 - Bartram

5 - Jonos

6 - Grance

  1. Exit from the Common Hall.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  3. Stairs between Level 2 and Level 3.