Main Quest: For All the Days Gone By (Part 1)

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When you gain control of Alester (#1), you'll find yourself at the Riverspring docks (#1). You'll start out with 18 silver coins and 12 bronze coins. If you're chatty with the ferryman, then you'll also receive 100 xp.

For the first part of the quest, you'll just need to make your way to the entrance of Riverspring Castle (Exit A). Along the way, you'll witness a man named Tyrek trying to incite a crowd (#2), and the local armor merchant will come up to you and give you a tutorial about weapons and armor, but otherwise you won't find much to see or do. As was the case in Chapter 1, the shopkeepers (#3) will have wares, but you won't be able to afford anything yet.

When you reach the castle, the guards out front won't recognize you, but they'll agree to send for Maester Harwyn, who should recognize you. While you're waiting, your cousin Ryman Sarwyck (the captain of the guard) will show up, but he won't want to let you in. If you're belligerent with him, then the two of you will fight, but Harwyn will arrive before any lasting damage can be done. You'll receive 300 xp total during your encounter with Ryman, regardless of how it goes. Afterwards, Harwyn will escort you to the gate leading to the Godswood (Exit B), where your father's funeral is taking place.

Inside the Godswood, your sister Elyana will come up to you and let you know that she's as happy to see you as Ryman was. Then during the funeral service itself (#4), you'll give your father the "final kiss," and your approval rating will go down even further. At the end of the service, you'll earn 300 xp, and Septa Ravella will let you know that Harwyn would like to speak to you.

You'll find Harwyn inside the Courtyard (#8). He'll give you two pieces of bad news: that Queen Cersei wants your sister to marry your bastard half-brother Valarr, and that rumors are swirling that your younger brother Gawen poisoned your father. However, before you can ask many questions, a guard will come running up to you and tell you that the people are rioting. You'll then decide to meet up with Ryman outside (via Exit A) and see what you can do.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Tyrek

3 - Archive

In a bag here you'll find the Westeros archive for Blackwater Rush.

4 - Marketplace

5 - Funeral Bier

6 - Archive

In a hollow log here you'll find the Westeros archive for Godswoods.

7 - Antique Sword

Just behind the steward (#6) on a crate you'll find an Antique Sword.

8 - Steward

9 - Harwyn

  1. Doorway between Riverspring and the Courtyard.
  2. Doorway between Riverspring and the Godswood.
  3. Doorway between the Godswood and the Courtyard.
  4. Entrance to Riverspring Castle. You won't be able to use this entrance until later.