Side Quest: Rings and Chains

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Elyana in Riverspring Castle during the quest Legacy.


During your conversation with Elyana, you'll notice that something is wrong, and after she leaves you'll decide to follow her out to the Courtyard (#1). When you get there, you'll find her arguing with Edwyn and Meredyth Roxton, who will claim that Elyana owes them money and that she probably had something to do with the disappearance of their father, Lord Quenn Roxton. When you ask Elyana about this, she'll brush you off, but soon after a guard will come up to you and let you know that Elyana had Lord Roxton arrested and thrown in the castle dungeons. The guard will then give you a Bunch of Keys to Riverspring Castle, which will allow you to enter the dungeons.

Note: The guard will suggest that you talk to Lord Roxton, but if you visit him in the dungeons, he won't say anything to you.

Next up, you'll need to talk to Elyana (#1) and the Roxtons (#2) to hear their sides of the story. Elyana will explain that she was promised to Lord Roxton in exchange for a loan, but that when Roxton found out she was courting a blacksmith named Criston, he broke off the wedding plans and left in a huff, even though "nothing dishonorable" had happened. Elyana will then add that Roxton showed up a few days ago and started robbing the people Riverspring to recoup his losses, and that's when she had him thrown into the dungeons. Meanwhile, when you talk to the Roxtons, they'll tell you roughly the same story, except they'll claim that their father told them that he had found Elyana in bed with Criston. You'll then decide to meet with Criston so you can figure out which story is true.

When you exit the Courtyard (via Exit A), you'll see a guard on your left (#3). If you talk to him, then he'll offer to provide you with an escort. You'll have to do some fighting in this quest, so having some soldiers with you is a good idea, but it's not required.

When you reach Criston (#4), you'll find some of Roxton's men pounding on his door. When you order them to step aside, they'll obey, but then when Criston exits his house, they'll attack you. In this fight and every other one with Criston, you'll need to keep Criston alive for the best ending to the quest. Criston has a couple of useful abilities (including a stunning attack), but nothing in the way of equipment, so you'll have to try your best to keep enemies from attacking him by drawing them to you instead.

After the battle at Criston's house, when you ask Criston what happened, he'll tell you that he was only playing the lute for Elyana when Lord Roxton barged in on them. That is, he'll support Elyana's version of the story. You'll then decide to escort Criston back to the castle so he can give evidence in Elyana's defense. However, you'll have to choose which route to take to get there. The "main gate" path has easier battles but is worth less xp, while the "rear" path is just the opposite.

When you return Elyana in the Courtyard (#1), she'll explain that she was only using Criston as a pawn to avoid marrying Lord Roxton, but that things got out of hand. You'll then bring all of the Roxtons, including Lord Roxton, to Elyana so you can settle the matter. You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can sacrifice Criston. If Criston died on the way to the castle, then you'll pick this option by default.

  • You can demand a trial by combat. Lord Roxton will nominate Edwyn, and Elyana will nominate you (if you refuse then Criston will have to fight, and this will end up being the same as picking the other option). Edwyn should not be too difficult to defeat. He'll just repeatedly heal himself.
After the battle, the Roxtons will demand their money back, but you'll argue that Lord Roxton's actions could be construed as an act of war, which would be punishable by death. This will cause the Roxtons to grumble, but then they'll leave. If Criston made it to the castle alive, then you'll receive 180 xp at the end of the quest. Otherwise, you won't receive anything.

  1. Entrance to the Courtyard.