Side Quest: Not So Wild

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You'll receive this quest from Maester Harwyn in the Riverspring Castle Courtyard, but only after you've attempted to rescue Jeyne from Castlewood.


Maester Harwyn will hand over A Message from the Wall, which will inform you that not only did some wildlings sneak into the Gift while you were dealing with Gorn (in Chapter 1), the wildlings have now started murdering your brothers and ripping out their hearts. To learn more about the problem, you'll need to meet with Qhorin Halfhand in the Castle Black Common Hall (on the top floor). Qhorin will ask you to track down the murderous wildlings, and he'll recommend that you start your search in Mole's Town.

When you approach Mole's Town, you'll spot three suspicious people -- two wildlings and a smuggler. They'll see you coming, though, and they'll run off before you can get to them. The two wildlings will flee into the Brothel, and the smuggler will flee into the Tunnels. At the same time, Mors' dog will learn their scents.


The scent for the smuggler will lead you through the Tunnels to a dead end (#1), where you'll discover a secret passage by using Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability. The passage will take you west to a room where one of the murders was committed (#2). You might remember this room as having been blocked off in earlier chapters.

Inside the room, you'll discover the murder victim still on the floor. You'll also find the Key to Mole's Town Crime Scene (in the shelves), which will allow you to unlock the door to the room (#3), plus the Westeros archive for The Long Night (on the floor next to the victim). To continue after the smuggler, you'll need to head back into the secret passage and use Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability again. This time you'll discover a secret passage leading south (#4).

Continuing after the smuggler's scent, you'll come to the room with the smuggler, Byam (#5). At first he'll pretend to be an "honest mule driver," but eventually he'll admit that he's been supplying the wildlings with food, clothes -- and rope, which Mors won't like. You'll then have to decide whether to kill the smuggler or allow him to live. If you attack him, then he'll call in two of his associates, and you'll earn 90 xp for defeating them. Otherwise you won't receive anything.


The scent for the wildlings will lead you through the Brothel and into the Tunnels (via Exit B), and then through the Tunnels and into the Gift (via Exit C). During this trip, you'll come across a sack containing a bunch of wildling gear (#6), and you'll realize that the wildlings must have traded their armor for disguises.

In the Gift, the wildlings' scent will lead you to a campsite (#7). When you get there, three of the wildlings will attack you, but the fourth, a woman named Thistle, will run off to warn the wildling leader, Sabraque. You'll earn 95 xp for defeating the wildlings.

After the battle, when you follow Thistle's scent, you'll automatically travel to Icemark, where you'll meet Sabraque. Sabraque will claim that the wildlings have come in peace, and that they're simply fleeing from the white walkers. You'll then have to make a choice:
  • If you believe Sabraque and allow the wildlings to stay south of the Wall, then you won't have to do any fighting. Sabraque will invite you to speak with him at the bonfire at the top of Icemark, and if you go there, then he'll give you a Wildling Bracelet, which will improve the capabilities of the dog. You'll also receive 235 xp.

  • If you don't believe Sabraque, then you'll have to kill all of the wildlings at Icemark. You'll start out with some minor battles against them, but at the end you'll encounter eight of them, including Sabraque, at the bonfire at the top level. You won't receive any notable equipment for winning these battles, but you'll earn about 500 xp.
Regardless of your choice, when you return to Castle Black to report in to Qhorin Halfhand, you'll receive the codex entry for The Shadow Tower, plus 100 xp.

1 - Secret Passage

2 - Crime Scene

3 - Locked Door

4 - Secret Door

5 - Byam

6 - Bag of Wildling Gear

7 - Wildling Camp

  1. Exit to Mole's Town.
  2. Exit to the Brothel.
  3. Exit between the Tunnels and the Gift.
  4. World exit.