Main Quest: Breaking Point

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You'll start this quest with Alester and Mors on the run from Harlton's men. When they stop to catch their breath, they'll talk, and you'll learn that Alester was supposed to have protected Mors' family but failed. After some recriminations and harsh words, Alester and Mors will decide to head over to Riverspring to regroup.

When you arrive at Riverspring, you'll earn 100 xp, and you'll meet with Ryman (#1). Ryman will inform you that Valarr has taken over the city, that he's told everybody that Alester is dead, and that he plans to marry Alester's sister Elyana -- soon. After the conversation, some of Valarr's men will attack you (worth 120 xp), and then Ryman will leave to gather allies for your cause.

To make a plan of attack, you'll need to talk to Maester Harwyn at the docks (#3). He'll convince you to meet with Elyana, who should be able to convince the nobles to take your side. This conversation will earn you 100 xp and also trigger the side quest Safer Streets.

When you meet with Elyana (#4), you'll have to make a choice. You can reward Elyana for her hard work and promise her a share of the rule, or you can put her in her place and keep everything for yourself. This choice is mostly cosmetic. If you ally yourself with Elyana, then you'll earn 140 xp, and you'll be able to avoid a fight in the Courtyard (#5). If you choose the other option, then you won't gain anything. Regardless, you'll receive 100 xp at the end of the conversation.

When you return to Harwyn (#3), you'll arrive just in time to be attacked by more of Valarr's men -- and also just in time for Ryman to show up with two allied swordsmen in tow. You'll then get to make another choice -- to attack Valarr's men or to let them go. If you attack them then you'll earn 160 xp. If you let them go then you won't earn anything, and you'll never see them again. At the end of the encounter, you'll earn another 100 xp.

Next up, you'll need to head to the entrance to the Courtyard (Exit A), where you'll discover four Bloodseekers waiting for you. This encounter will always lead to a fight, but afterwards you'll earn 320 xp, and you'll find a Guardian Helm, a Northman Axe, a Zweihander, and more on the corpses.

Inside the Courtyard, you'll be confronted by Wex and his men (#5). If you allied yourself with Elyana, then she'll convince Wex to stand down, although you'll still be able to fight his men if you want. Otherwise, Wex will automatically order his men to attack you. You'll earn 120 xp for completing the battle.

Inside Riverspring Castle, you'll encounter Valarr, which will earn you 200 xp. No matter what you say to Valarr, he'll accuse you of treason, and Mors will demand a trial by combat. Before and during the fight, Valarr will try to get under Mors' skin. Each time you ignore a taunt during the fight, Mors will regenerate his energy, making the subsequent part of the battle easier. If you ignore all of Valarr's taunts, then Mors will earn the bonus trait Unwavering (deflection +1%).

Once Mors has done enough damage to Valarr, Valarr will cheat and summon a shadow, which will kill Mors. Valarr will then behead Elyana, kill all of the nobles in attendance, imprison Alester in his father's tomb, and head to Castlewood so he can finally kill Jeyne. Luckily for you, Ryman will escape.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Marketplace

You won't find any shopkeepers in the marketplace, but you will find several items that you can loot.

3 - Maester Harwyn

4 - Elyana

5 - Wex

  1. One-way exit to the Courtyard.
  2. Entrance to Riverspring Castle.
  3. World exit.