Main Quest: Between a Hunter and His Prey

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When you gain control of Mors, you'll find yourself on the battlefield where you defeated Gorn and probably several other wildlings. After talking to Qhorin, it's a good idea search through the battlefield and loot all of the corpses. You'll find Gorn's Armor, Gorn's Axe, and more. You can also pick up the Westeros archive for Brandon Stark at the far northern side of the battlefield.

Next up, you should find out what happened to Poddy. For this you'll need to travel back to the balcony on Level 2. When you get there, you'll find Poddy's bow, but you won't find Poddy himself -- or any signs of blood or a struggle. At this point you'll gain the ability to switch to your dog (by pressing R on the PC), which will allow you to sniff out scents.

To figure out where Poddy went, you'll need to switch to your dog and click on the bow. This will put you on Poddy's scent, which will glow yellow (on the PC, press the Alt key to make the scent glow brighter so it's easier to follow). Quest scents are always yellow or green, while optional scents are blue. Poddy's scent will lead you upstairs to the bonfire room, where you'll briefly need to switch back to Mors so you can get the door open.

Note: While controlling the dog, you can discover secret stashes of money or equipment ($) by walking up to them. These stashes will glow blue, and you'll only be able to loot them with Mors. You'll discover your first such stash in the bonfire room, in the southwestern corner. Inside you'll find an empty Flask.

If you continue to follow Poddy's scent, then you'll eventually come to a fallen tree. When you click on the "Call Mors" icon, you'll automatically travel to the Gift.

The Gift

Near your starting point in the Gift, you'll run into a man named Robin (#1). He'll tell you that he's with his family of traders at the campfire nearby (#2). When you get there, you'll meet Ondrew. He'll tell you that he saw Poddy run by, and he'll ask his brother Eyron to lead you where he went. However, not far from the campfire, the traders will ambush you, and you'll discover that they're actually bandits (#3). The bandits won't have a lot of health, so if you use area attacks, then you should be able to take them out quickly.

After the battle, the bandit leader Cley will beg for his life, and he'll offer to tell you where he hid some gold. If you let him talk before killing him, then you'll trigger the quest Treasure Hunt, which will net you nearly 50 silver coins. You'll also find a Crude Dagger and a Cutlass on the corpses of the bandits, and you'll earn 200 xp for defeating them.

Continuing on with your pursuit of Poddy, his scent will lead you to an overturned tree (#5). Only the dog will be able to pass under the tree into the southern part of the Gift. When you finally spot Poddy (#6), he'll be assaulting a young girl. You'll decide to pass judgment on him right away, which means you'll need to kill him with the dog. To do this, just walk up to Poddy with the dog, and then press the attack button (the left mouse button on the PC) as quickly as possible. It won't take long for the dog to rip out Poddy's throat. When Poddy dies, you'll earn 1200 xp.

Castle Black

With Poddy dead, you'll decide to return to Castle Black (via Exit W). Castle Black will be exactly the same as it was in Chapter 1, except now you'll be able to loot four secret stashes ($) thanks to the dog (two of the stashes are located outside and aren't shown on the map above: one to the east of the Common Hall in a cart, and one at the southern end of the stables).

When you eventually report in to Lord Commander Mormont (#7), he'll inform you that an emissary has arrived from John Arryn, the King's Hand. He'll also give you a letter from Arryn, which will ask you to track down and protect a woman "of vital importance." You'll decipher a clue in the letter to understand that the woman is staying in the brothel in Mole's Town. Reading the letter will earn you 1000 xp.

You'll find the emissary, Ser Godric Donnerly, on Level 1 of the Common Hall (#8). You'll tell him where the woman can be found, and you'll agree to go to the brothel and meet her together. However, before you can leave, Mormont will come up to you and let you know that a raven just arrived with the news that John Arryn is dead.

1 - Robin

2 - Campfire

3 - Ambush

4 - Hollow Log

You can use the hollow log (#4) to reach the southern part of the map (#4a).

5 - Overturned Tree

You can pass under the tree to reach the southern part of the map.

6 - Poddy

7 - Lord Commander Mormont

8 - Godric Donnerly

$ - Secret Stashes

You'll have to switch to the dog to discover these stashes, and then switch to Mors to loot them. If you sniff out all of the stashes for this chapter, then you'll find a Carving Knife, a Rusty Iron Helmet, the Westeros archive for The Old Gods, and more.

  1. Entrance to the Common Hall of Castle Black.
  2. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2 of the Common Hall.
  3. Stairs between Level 2 and Level 3 of the Common Hall.
  4. World exit.