Main Quest: Light and Shadow (Part 1)

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You'll begin this quest with Alester and Mors in King's Landing (#1). A guard will stop you at the front gate and ask you for your names. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll figure out the truth, and he'll make you a deal. If you pay him 2 gold coins, then he'll ignore your presence. If you decline this generous offer, then you'll have to fight the five guards at the gate, but you'll earn 46 xp for their deaths.

As you make your way through the city, you might run into Orys and Axe (#2), but mostly what you'll encounter are patrols of Lannister soldiers. These patrols will reward you with xp and nice equipment, so you shouldn't avoid them. You'll also find some dead Stark soldiers lying around, and you'll be able to loot them for good gear, too.

When you eventually reach the potter's workshop (#3), you'll earn 125 xp, but instead of finding Maester Harwyn there, you'll find Falena. When you question Falena, she'll tell you that she overheard Varys and an old man talking about Alester, but that they then left for "the rich areas." You'll need to switch to Mors' dog to find out where Harwyn went.

Harwyn's scent will lead you to the northern part of the city, where you'll find Harwyn with Varys (#4). When you demand to know what's going on, Varys will tell you that he's lured Valarr into the Red Keep's throne room, where you'll be able to fight him without interference. He'll also tell you that you'll need Valyrian steel in order to defeat Valarr's shadow, and that you'll find such a weapon with an old acquaintance of yours named Clement Buckler. This conversation will earn you 125 xp.

You'll find Clement back in the southern part of the city (#5). No matter what you say to him, you'll have to fight him to get his weapon. With at least three against one, this should not be a difficult battle. You should be able to keep Clement stunned or knocked down almost the entire time. When you defeat Clement, he'll hand over his Valyrian Steel Claymore, and he'll give you his blessing.

When you return to Varys (#4), he'll suggest that you might want to get the claymore reforged, and he'll suggest Roland, the blacksmith's apprentice (#6), for the job. Roland will be able to convert the claymore into just about any other type of weapon (except for two-handed mace for some reason). We'd recommend switching the claymore to the weapon type favored by the character you plan to play in the final chapter.

With Valyrian weapon in hand, when you talk to Varys again, he'll tell you that there's a secret way into the Red Keep throne room accessed via the King's Landing Sewers, and that it's marked by a purple light. He'll then offer to smuggle the baby into the keep for you, which will allow you to send Harwyn back home to Riverspring. This conversation will earn you 125 xp.

When you enter the Sewers (via Exit A), you'll earn 125 xp. You'll then just need to fight your way through numerous bands of Bloodseekers as you make your way to the secret passage (#6). These Bloodseekers won't give you much in the way of xp, but they can drop high-end loot, so you might want to seek them out rather than avoid them. When you get to the secret passage, you'll need to use Alester's Vision of R'hllor ability to detect the opening mechanism.

Inside the secret passage, you'll meet up with Varys again (#7), and he'll lead you into the Red Keep's dungeons. Orys and Axe will leave you at this point (assuming they were with you), and you'll earn another 125 xp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Orys / Axe

If Orys and / or Axe survived their encounter with you in Chapter 8, then you'll find them here. No matter what you say, the guards around them will attack you, and the former Reaper(s) will join you.

3 - Potter's Workshop

4 - Harwyn / Varys

5 - Clement Buckler

6 - Secret Door

7 - Varys

  1. Entrance into the Sewers.