Main Quest: Stray Dog

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At the start of this quest, Jeor Mormont will make you a recruiter, which will allow you to travel where you want and track down Yohn (aka the fake Godric Donnerly) and his men. Becoming a recruiter will also net you a Recruiter's Cloak, plus the bonus trait Stray Dog (ally damage +2%). Patrek and Jeyne will travel with you.

When you arrive in the Mole's Town Exterior, you'll quickly encounter a brother named Lothor being attacked by two traitors (#1). After defeating the traitors, you'll earn 45 xp, and Lothor will lead you to an enemy camp (#2), where you'll finally get to fight Jared -- plus three of his friends. The fight will net you 290 xp.

After defeating Jared and his men, you'll decide that the only way to find Yohn is to track down the people that he's bribed. To do this, you'll need to switch to the dog, which will allow you to follow three scents:
  • First scent. The first scent will lead you to the corpse of a brother (#4) and then to Raff Mouldy (#5). When you talk to Raff, you'll figure out that he robbed and killed the brother, and the conversation will always lead to a fight. Afterwards, Raff will die, but before succumbing to his wounds he'll inform you that Yohn bought off the smugglers of Mole's Town. You'll find roughly 40 silver coins on Raff's corpse.

  • Second scent. The second scent will take you to a hollow tree stump (#6), where you'll find 20 silver coins. Shortly after looting the coins, a man will come up to you and claim that you're stealing from him. If you talk to the man, then you'll discover that he's a swindler, and you'll be able to send him away. You can also kill him for 25 xp.

  • Third scent. The third scent will take you to Sybelle in the Mole's Town Brothel (#8). Sybelle will tell you that three brothers just spent a lot of silver coins to buy her best girls, and she'll give you the Key to the Master Bedchamber of Mole's Town Brothel so you can meet with them. This conversation will earn you 200 xp.
For tracking down all three scents, you'll earn the bonus trait Bloodhound (dog damage +5%).

When you enter the bedchamber with the corrupt brothers (#8), you'll be given a choice. You can kill the brothers for 35 xp, or you can spare them for 40 xp. Either way, you'll learn that the password for the smugglers' door (#13) is "The feast will begin soon." You'll also gain some extra help. Night's Watch brothers Myles and Wat will join you when you exit the bedchamber.

In the Tunnels beneath the Brothel, when you give the password at the smugglers' door, you'll earn 200 xp, and you'll gain access to the southern part of the area. In the southern Tunnels, you'll encounter several of Yohn's men, and you'll either need to rip out their throats one at a time with the dog, or kill them in groups of three or more with Mors, Patrek, Myles and Wat. These battles will earn you over 500 xp. You can also pick up a Baratheon Guard Shield (#15).

When you reach the Gift, you'll immediately spot Yohn's camp (#17), and you'll have to decide whether to charge right in, or scout the area first and take out the sentries (#16). If you charge at the camp, then you'll have to fight Yohn and six others at the same time. If you remove the four sentries first (in three separate battles), then you'll only have to fight Yohn with two others. Obviously, the scouting option is much easier, but if you choose the charging option, then you'll earn a bonus achievement.

For entering the Gift and defeating Yohn, you'll earn 525 xp, and you'll find a Baratheon Signet Ring and a Parade Sword on Yohn's corpse (you'll pick up the ring during a cut scene; you'll need to stay in the area after the fight to loot the sword). You'll also learn that Jeyne was King Robert's mistress, and that Valarr was responsible for Yohn's actions.

With Yohn's threat ended, you'll decide to take Jeyne to your cottage in the Riverlands, where you think she'll be safe, and where you're hopeful that you'll see your wife and daughter. Inside the cottage, you'll find a Finely Crafted Dagger (on the kitchen table) plus The Father and Westford Armor (in a cabinet by the back door). You'll need The Father for the quest The Faith of Our Ancestors.

When you go through the back door of the cottage, you'll discover three things of importance: that your wife and daughter are dead, that Jeyne is pregnant, and that you're not alone. Then the chapter will come to an end.

1 - Lothor

2 - Jared's Camp

3 - Archive

On a table here you'll find the Westeros archive for Westeros Currency. Right next to the archive you'll find 50 silver coins.

4 - Corpse

5 - Raff Mouldy

6 - Stump

7 - Willow

Willow is involved in the quest New Blood.

8 - Sybelle

9 - Andar

Andar is involved in the quest New Blood.

10 - Mule

Lommy won't be around any longer, but you'll still be able to purchase items from Mule.

11 - Corrupt Brothers

12 - Gulian

Gulian is involved in the quest New Blood.

13 - Smugglers' Door

14 - Crime Scene

You still won't be allowed through the door here.

15 - Baratheon Guard Shield

16 - Sentries

17 - Yohn's Camp

  1. Entrance to the Brothel.
  2. Trap door between the Brothel and the Tunnels.
  3. Trap door between the Tunnels and the Gift.
  4. World exit.