Shadow Thieves' Guild 3 (AR0307) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Arrival

This is where you'll find yourself after entering the secret door back in Shadow Thieves' Guild 1.

2 - Torture Chamber

The torture chamber lies here. I didn't find anything significant to be done here, but you can ask about Aran Linvail and his whereabouts. You won't get any straight answers, however, so you'll have to keep looking.

3 - Secret Door

Scour the area and you'll find a secret door leading to area #4, which is Aran Linvail's personal chambers.

4 - Aran Linvail

Finally, after walking around for awhile looking for him, you'll encounter Aran Linvail here. He unfortunately wants you to complete some tasks for him first, before he will lead you to Imoen. If you accept, he'll give you a few trinkets and instruct you to investigate some shipments down by the docks with another Shadow Thief named Mook.

Completing his first task earns you 28,500 experience points, after which Aran will give you a second task to head over to the Five Flagons Tavern in the Bridge District to seek out some traitors who intend to defect to Bodhi's side. Once there, ascend to the second floor and head through the second door on the left to meet up with Caehan and Jaylos. Acquire their trust by acting as though you're applying to be accepted into Bodhi's ranks as well. Once the contact shows up, feel free to wipe them all out and loot Gracen's corpse for a Two-Handed Sword +2, two Potions of Invulnerability, a Potion of Extra Healing, and a note from Lassal hinting that the guild resides in the dungeon below the Graveyard District. With this new information, return to Aran for another 28,500 experience points.

For your final task, Aran will ask that you exterminate the opposing guild (Bodhi's gang of Vampires) down within the tombs of the Graveyard District. He will give you a handful of stakes to finish the vampires and then ask you to meet a wizard within the crypts below the Graveyard District to open a sealed door leading to their lair. Head to the tombs, stake as many Vampires as you can, have a conversation with Bodhi, and then return for to Linvail one more time to earn 50,000 experience points. He'll express his gratitude for your completed tasks and make true on his word by putting you on a boat headed for Brynnlaw, where you'll find Imoen's prison, the Asylum (Spellhold).

5 - Traitorous Thief

Back here you'll talk with a Shadow Thief that intends to become a traitor and assassinate Aran Linvail. Another thief will overhear him and they'll fight it out. Once the traitor dies, grab a Ring of Lockpicks from his corpse.