Sewers (AR0701) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Raksasha Battle

You'll face a Raksasha here that'll drop a Cloak of the Sewers once it's defeated.

2 - Roger the Fence

Here you'll meet Roger the Fence. He sells a whole slew of items, including some of the rarer potions in the game (check our Potions page to find out exactly which ones). If you're looking for 500 gold piece reward or are currently working on the Limited Wish gong quest, then you'll also want to take care of a Sea Troll problem he's been having.

3 - Exit

This exit leads to the Mind Flayer area.

To get past the hidden and locked door near area #4, you will need a key appropriately named "Sewer Key" that is dropped by Tazok in the Windspear Hills.

4 - Exit

This exit leads to Mekrath's Lair.

5 - Draug Fea

Here you'll be confronted by a dwarf named Draug Fea, who will request that you hand over your gold. He has a few brigands with him, but the lot of them shouldn't prove to be very difficult overall.

Once you've taken them down, scour the floor for a few battle spoils. On Draug, you'll find some Plate Mail +1, a Helm of Charm Protection, a Small Shield +2, and the Wyvern's Tail +2. Searching the other bodies will get you a suit of Full Plate +1, another Small Shield +2, and Hangard's Axe +2.

6 - Keldorn

You can pick up Keldorn the Inquisitor here. I'd recommend adding him to your party if you're not already playing a Paladin. Once you've gained possession of Carsomyr +5, Keldorn is a very powerful ally to have in your party.

7 - Exit

This exit leads to the Cult of the Unseeing Eye.