Mekrath's Lair (AR0705)

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1 - Mekrath

Mekrath resides in this room, but he really isn't very difficult. Kill him, then search his body to find a Robe of Fire Resistance and a Quarterstaff +1. In the oven behind him, you can find a Rod of Resurrection, a Wand of Cloudkill, a Potion of Genius, and a Potion of Mind Focusing.

2 - Portal Gem

There is an altar in this room. On top of it is the Portal Gem and a Harp of Discord. You'll need the Portal Gem for the Haer'Dalis quest.

3 - Haer'Dalis

Haer'Dalis, the missing bard, can be found in this room. He is the actor in the basement of the Five Flagons Inn that was kidnapped by Mekrath. There are two ways of freeing Haer'Dalis, with the first simply being the demise of Mekrath.

For the alternative route, you can befriend Mekrath, after which he will ask you to seek out an imp that has stolen his magic mirror and fled into the sewers. If you accept, you can find this imp on the eastern side of the sewers, just a bit north from the merchant. The imp is not hard to kill and is only assisted by a Lesser Earth Elemental. The mirror is unfortunately broken and when you bring it to Mekrath, he leaves to repair it and gives you Haer'Dalis as a reward.