Graveyard Lower Tombs 3 (AR0803) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Arrival

You'll arrive from the Graveyard Lower Tombs 1 at this location. Make your way to area #2 and destroy all minor Vampire resistance on your way.

2 - Central Room

A handful of Grimwarders and Fledgling Vampires await you in this area, so be prepared for possible level drains.

3 - Side Chamber

Pick the lock and disarm the lightning trap on the container in the center of this room before you loot the Katana +2 and Ashen Scales +2 armor inside.

4 - Side Chamber

The Vampire Lassal has retreated to this final chamber, but you still won't be able to battle him just yet. He will retreat one final time to the bleeding room (area #10) up on the floor above you.