Forest of Tethyr (AR2600) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Coran

Here you encounter Coran and if you are nice to him, you receive a very short quest to help save his love. All that is involved is traveling over to area #2. All of the downed trees makes wandering around this area a bit of a pain, though.

2 - Werewolf Camp

Within the Werewolf camp you'll discover Safana, Coran's love. She tries to convince the wolves to destroy you, which results in a short and rather easy battle with the Werewolves. Nothing significant happens, but its worth the easy experience.

3 - Hidden Cave

Nestled within the trees here, you'll find a cave. Inside, you'll be able to loot yourself the Mana Bow +4, which definitely makes traveling here worthwhile.

4 - Wyvern Battle

A Greater Wyvern and two Wyvern worshippers. It's a pretty easy battle, although it has no apparent purpose.

5 - Exit to Suldanessellar

This is the entrance to the Elven City of Suldanessellar. You will need to obtain the Rynn Lanthorn from Bodhi's Lair and return it to Elhan in the Elven Camp before being able to access the city, however.