Elven Camp (AR2500) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Arrival

This is where you'll emerge from the Underdark having destroyed the Mother Matron's plans to assault the Elves with a Daemon. You'll be regarded with a bit of hostility, but will be granted an audience with Elhan in order to determine whether you are ally or foe.

2 - Elhan

Here you'll meet Elhan, the leader of the camp. He will first determine whether or not you can be trusted and then will divulge you in stories of Jon Irenicus and Bodhi. He will explain that the only way to get back into the Elven City of Suldanessellar (after it was closed off by Irenicus) is to obtain the Rynn Lanthorn from Bodhi's Lair back in the Graveyard District of Athkatla. You can gain a few supplies from Elhan before leaving, including four wooden stakes and three bottles of holy water.

Note: As soon as you leave this map, you will have a random encounter with Drizzt and his friends. You can gain his companionship in your attack on Bodhi, or you can prepare yourself now and kill him instead. You don't necessarily need him to defeat Bodhi, although he does come in handy. The choice is up to you.