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Overview: Western Army Camp

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1 - Evon Creos

Evon will trigger the quest "A Deserting Soldier." He'll tell you that a soldier named Arion Theries has failed to return from leave, and that he's probably drunk at the Leaning Elm Inn (#3).

When you go to the inn you'll find Theries there. When you talk to him, he'll tell you that he lost his Military Armor in a card game, and that if he returns to the camp without it, he'll be thrown in prison. That will give you two options: to return to the camp and tell Evon that Theries is at the inn, or to go to Aristo Radeias (located behind the inn), who has the armor now, and see if you can get it back.

If you return to Evon at the camp, then you'll receive some experience, and that's how the quest will end. If you instead go to Aristo, then he'll ask you for 200 gold pieces to cover the cost of the armor. If you don't want to pay that amount, then you can just kill Aristo and get the armor that way (if Theries jumps in to defend Aristo, you can teleport away and then back to make him neutral again). When you give the armor to Theries, you'll receive experience points twice, plus 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood, and the quest will end on a happier note. You won't need to return to Evon for this case.

2 - Captain Spirk

Captain Spirk (#2) will tell you that two of his men have deserted their posts, and he'll ask you to punish them -- by which he means kill them. If you agree to hunt them down, then you'll receive the quest "The Two Deserters."

You'll find the camp of the deserters to the east (#2a). However, when you talk to Wilcor Fox there, you'll learn that one of the men drowned, and that they did not desert. Apparently, Captain Spirk just wants them dead for his own reasons. That will give you two choices: to kill Wilcor or to let him flee.

It doesn't really matter which way you choose. As long as you pick up Wilcor's Braid before departing, then you'll receive the same amount of gold from Captain Spirk regardless of whether Wilcor is dead or alive, and he won't notice if you're telling the truth or lying.

3 - Leaning Elm Inn

No matter where you are in the game, you'll find a Giriza shopkeeper and two trainers here, and the trainers will offer to teach you Berserking, Deadly Pirouette, Death Strike, Double Blade, Stealing, Stun, and Unhorse Strike. If you're working on the quest "A Deserting Soldier" (see #1), then you'll also meet Arion Theries and Aristo Radeias here.

4 - Reaper Island

On this island you'll find half a dozen reapers guarding some Dwarven Ale.

5 - King's Tomb

There are two entrances to the tomb. Both lead to locked gates. To get past the gate at the front entrance (#5), you'll need to complete some quests for Mayor Gordar at Windbreak Village. To get past the gate at the back entrance (#5a), you'll need to complete some quests for Captain Ran Hograd at Windbreak Village.

6 - Servant's Graveyard

Unlike most graveyards, you won't find any Taint Shoots here.

7 - Storm Claw Tower

You'll face necromancers and undead creatures at this tower.

8 - Talabeny Cave

You'll find scapulari and treasure chests inside the cave.

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