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Overview: Brotherhood Outpost

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1 - Brotherhood Gatehouse

Inside the gatehouse, you can hook up with a shopkeeper and two trainers. The trainers will offer to teach you Balance, Berserking, Deadly Pirouette, Double Blade, Knock Down, Stun, and Unhorse Strike.

Once you've spoken to Tidar Shog (#2), you'll also encounter Eskel Oldroot next to the eastern gate of the gatehouse. As soon as you walk up to him, he'll stop you and ask you to check up on his brother Loth in the outpost to the north. If you agree, then you'll receive the quest "Check Up on the Guard's Brother."

When you reach the prison in the outpost (#7), you'll discover that Loth is dead. When you relay this information to Eskel, you'll receive experience and 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

2 - Tidar Shog

You'll meet Tidar Shog in a small camp just outside the Brotherhood Gatehouse (#1). He'll tell you that the "slimy" Brotherhood commander cheated him out of some money in a black market dragon egg transaction, and he'll offer you 1000 gold pieces to kill him. If you accept the deal, then you'll trigger the quest "A Paid Murder."

Note: Despite appearances, accepting (and completing) this quest won't hurt your reputation with the Brotherhood. In fact, you'll need to accept the quest to get some other quest NPCs to show up in the gatehouse.

You'll receive a clue about the Brotherhood commander in the outpost prison (#7). There, Ton Nakiri will tell you that the commander probably teleported away to the Rusty Ogre Lodge (located to the west) when the fighting started.

When you confront Darat Honmoria, the commander, at the Rusty Ogre, he'll make you a counteroffer. If you kill Tidar Shog for him, then he'll pay you 2000 gold pieces, half now and half later. If you accept Darat's offer, then you'll trigger the quest "Cross Hit," and completing it will gain you the expected reward plus some experience. If you stay true to Tidar and kill Darat, then you'll gain 1000 gold pieces, some experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Giriza. Besides the rewards, it doesn't really make any difference which side you take.

3 - Orm Munhin

After you've spoken to Tidar Shog (#2), Orm will appear here and block the entrance to the Brotherhood Gatehouse (#1). He won't like you much, but if you tell him that "my business here will benefit everyone on the post, including you" and then bribe him with 100 gold pieces, he'll let you pass.

4 - Ilon Kircer

You'll meet Ilon on the road to the Brotherhood Outpost. He'll warn you that "hell" happened in the outpost recently, but he won't be too specific. He'll also tell you that Loth Oldroot was on guard duty in the prison (#7) when things went awry (even if you don't know who Loth Oldroot is), and you'll receive the quest "Six Feet Under" to look for him.

5 - Toten Lokan

When you approach him, Toten Lokan will warn you to leave the area. If you press him for details, then he'll tell you that the paladins detected a "major magical discharge" in the outpost, and that they think it was caused by necromancers.

6 - Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales are alchemy items, but you can also use one to complete a quest from Daron Moreli in Tharbakin.

7 - Prison

The prison is a small underground dungeon. Some skeletons will greet you when you enter, and you'll also meet up with Ton Nakiri inside. Ton will update a couple of quests for you: he'll tell you that the commander probably teleported to the Rusty Ogre Lodge when the trouble started, and that Loth Oldroot died in the attack.

When you arrive at the prison, Ton will be stuck in a cell. To get him out, you'll need to talk to him a second time and give him a Lockpick (there isn't any way to pick the lock yourself). For freeing Ton, you'll receive some experience and 2 two points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

But note: Meeting Ton will cause a bunch of the skeletons, including a grand skeleton, to appear outside the prison. If you plan to battle the skeletons, and if you have a tendency to die a lot, it's a good idea to drop a Teleport Stone before the fighting starts. There aren't any health shrines in the outpost, so if you die it'll be a long run back if you don't have any Teleport Stones set up.

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