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Quest: The Breach

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "The Breach" and "The Guard."


During the cut-scene leading up to this quest, you'll learn that your plan for destroying the Relic didn't go over very well, and that you'll still need to stop Reist and Gandohar from awakening Aziraal. Complicating matters is that the castle where they are set to perform the ceremony is currently protected by a magical barrier. To lower the barrier, you'll need to go to one of the five Claw towers in the land (such as the Death Claw Tower at #1) and kill a Pentagram Keeper there. The Pentagram Keeper probably won't take more than a couple of hits to kill. When he dies, you'll earn 2 skill points and some experience.

Note: The Pentagram Keeper will be at the top of the tower, rather than at ground level with the necromancers and zombies. To get to the top, you'll need to climb the stairs and step on a teleporter.

The death of the Pentagram Keeper will lower the barrier at the castle, allowing you to get inside. But when you get to the castle, you'll find Reist at the front gate (#2). He'll tell you that you'll only get into the castle over his dead body, and when you decide to oblige, he'll turn into a giant demon.

Demonic Reist can be tough to kill, just because he might be able to kill you in a single hit. Since the route from the nearest health shrine (H) back to the gate is sort of long and convoluted, you might want to drop a Teleport Stone before talking to Reist, and then drop another at the health shrine should you die. Then you'll be able to jump back into the fight very quickly. Otherwise, Reist is much like the other tough, solo enemies that you've faced. You'll be able to close in and take a couple of swings with your weapon, and then jump back when Reist telegraphs his attack. When Reist dies, you'll receive 3 more skill points.

Inside the castle, when you reach the pentagram on the ground (#3), Gandohar will appear and attempt to seduce you. He'll tell you that if Kira becomes Aziraal's host, then she'll become immortal, and there will be a place for you at her side. You'll then be given a choice: to side with Gandohar, or to refuse his enticements.

If you decide to join Gandohar, then five paladins will teleport into castle and attack you. The paladins won't be hugely powerful or anything -- they'll be about as tough as dead knights -- and once you've killed them you'll get to see the "evil" ending for the game.

If you decide to go against Gandohar, then Gandohar will jump down and attack you. Gandohar won't turn into a demon or anything, and he'll be about as tough as the lead paladin was -- which is to say, not tough at all. When Gandohar dies you'll get to see the "good" ending for the game.

1 - Death Claw Tower

2 - Gate to Gandohar's Castle

3 - Pentagram

4 - Dark Eye Cave

You'll encounter skeletons inside this cave.

Other Places of Interest:

EEnemy (Bandit / Grom / Orc) Camp
HHealth (Maliel) Shrine
MMagic Source
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