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Overview: Covengor Village

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1 - Berud

Berud will give you the quest The Dangerous Rebel.

2 - Dras Beclem

Despite the fact that alcohol has been banned in Thalmont, Dras (#2) will readily admit to being a brewer of potato moonshine. But then he'll tell you that he has a problem: a bandit has been prowling the roads near Covengor, disrupting his shipments. If you agree to help Dras get rid of this bandit, then you'll trigger the quest "Alcohol Trail."

You'll run into the bandit south of Covengor (#2a). If you kill him, then you'll find 10 bottles of Moonshine on his corpse. If you convince him to leave, then he'll give you five bottles of Moonshine before departing.

When you return to Dras to tell him that the bandit is gone, he'll reward you with 780 gold pieces, five more bottles of Moonshine, 260 experience points, and 2 points of reputation with the Merchant's Guild. You'll need 10 bottles of Moonshine for a quest in Tharbakin.

3 - Rilis Wellgar

Rilis will offer to sell you five bottles of Moonshine for 50 gold pieces. You'll need 10 bottles of Moonshine for a quest in Tharbakin, but you can get it for free elsewhere (see #2).

4 - Thieves' Cave Entrance

When you approach the Thieves' Cave (#4), you'll run into a man named Ash Lorus loitering outside. He'll tell you that a thief stole a ring from him and then ran into the cave. He'll add that he would have chased the thief himself, but he discovered that the cave is filled with "vicious" skeletons, and he wanted no part of them. This is the set-up for the quest "Follow the Thief."

You'll automatically agree to help Ash, and he'll give you a Fluted Club to use against the skeletons (since skeletons are immune to slashing and piercing damage, you might need the bludgeoning damage of the club to do them in -- but hopefully you have something better already; if not, you should find something better, because you'll be facing a lot of skeletons in the game).

Inside the cave you'll encounter several skeletons as expected, plus Tyco Thorn the thief (#4a). When you approach him, Tyco will explain that the skeletons in the cave are supposed to be protecting him against intruders, but that they've started attacking him as well. He'll then ask you to deal with the rogue skeletons, and, as a sign of good faith, he'll give you Lorus' Family Ring. You'll also gain the quest "Clear out the Cave."

Note: You'll find several pieces of Magnesite in the cave. Magnesite is a regular alchemy item, but you can also use it in a series of quests from Ferid Redismos near Komorin Village.

Even if you killed all of the skeletons on your way to Tyco, more will spawn for the quest. Specifically, a bunch of skeletons will appear next to the cave entrance (#4). Killing these skeletons will grant you a skill point, and then when you return to Tyco, he'll reward you with experience and gold.

But wait; there's more. Tyco will next ask you to contact the necromancer who raised the skeletons, and ask him to fix the problem. Triggering this quest, "Talk to the Necromancer," is important because the necromancer won't appear at his hut (#6) otherwise.

When you reach the necromancer, he'll agree to help out the thief, and that's where the quest will end. You won't receive any sort of reward. However, when you give the Family Ring back to Lorus, he'll give you a reward: some experience and 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

5 - Graveyards

You'll find a pair of Taint Shoots in both of these graveyards. You'll need such shoots for a series of quests from Orm Varagor (#6).

6 - Necromancer's Hut

Orm Varagor will only appear at his hut after you've completed a quest for the thief in the Thieves' Cave (#4). When you talk to Orm, he'll agree to help out the thief in the cave, and then he'll make you a proposition: if you can bring him some Taint Shoots, then he'll reward you with Necromancy spells. Orm will make you a few deals of this sort, and they're covered on the quest page for Bring Me Some Taint.

7 - Grom Camp

You'll find a bunch of young groms in this camp. After defeating them, be sure to pick up the Magnesite, Goblin Totem and Archmage Earth Staff from the dirt mound in the center of the camp. Magnesite can be used in a series of quests from Ferid Redismos near Komorin Village, the totem can be used in the quest Ruining the Groms' War for Them, and you'll need the staff for the quest from Rama Erendar in Tharbakin.

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