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Overview: Clovelly Village

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1 - Aias Moratos

Aias will trigger the quest "Rivals in Love." He'll tell you that a man named Theron Hloos (#1a) had the audacity to ask for his daughter Maya's hand in marriage, and he'll hire you to teach the "milksop" a lesson.

When you run into Theron in his house, he'll tell you that he loves Maya and that she loves him, and that "to leave her would be worse than any beating, even death itself." If you decide to thrash Theron anyway, then that will be the end of it. When you return to Aias, he'll reward you with some gold and experience.

If you decide to champion Theron's plight instead, then you'll be given a long sequence of quests to complete. First off, you'll need to speak to Maya's mother Jemma (located in front of the house east of Aias). She'll tell you that Theron needs to prove his devotion to Maya, and that a good start would be a proper betrothal ring. When you relay this information to Theron, he'll inform you that he had just such a ring, but that it disappeared one night when he let a friend of his neighbor stay in his house.

You'll find the neighbor, Tomal Aikos, just to the north. At first he'll deny everything, but quickly enough he'll give up the location of his "friend" -- a campsite just to the east of the village (#1b). When you reach the campsite and demand the ring, the friend and two bandits will attack you, and you'll come away with the Engagement Ring.

At this point you'll once again have a choice. If you take the ring to Aias, then he'll reward you with some gold and experience, and that will be the end of the quest. If you stick with Theron, then you'll need to show him the ring, give the ring to Jemma, talk to Maya (inside the house next to Jemma), and finally ask the mage Solan Murbar (in front of the house next to #4) to perform the marriage ceremony. You'll gain experience three times during the final sequence, and so, all told, you'll gain more experience for helping Theron but more gold for helping Aias.

Note: If you side with Theron then the quest will end sort of oddly. Solan will indicate that he's ready to start the ceremony, but nothing will happen, and Theron and Maya will disappear from the village. We're guessing that this is just a spot where the developers ran out of time.

2 - Verno

Verno (#2) will ask you to drive off the scapulari, who have suddenly started terrorizing the village. To this end, he'll suggest that you talk to the mage Hesmar Bratya, who lives in a tower nearby (#2a). This conversation will trigger the quest "A Problem with Scapulari." As you investigate the matter, you'll also receive a bunch of sub-quests, such as "Find a Mage" (to talk to Bratya), but there are so many of them that we're just going to describe how to complete them rather than reference them all by name.

When you talk to Bratya, he'll inform you that the scapulari only appear when the god Yatholen is angry, and he'll ask you to look into what might have happened in Clovelly Village. You'll find the answer when you talk to Broven (#2b) and Amerleen (#2c). You'll discover that Broven's brother (and Amerleen's hubband) Darven drowned three months ago, and that Amerleen cursed Yatholen for taking him.

When you relay this information to Bratya, he'll seem surprised, and he'll insist that "there must be more." You'll uncover the "more" when you quiz Broven about Darven's death. Broven will eventually admit to killing his brother by accident and then making up the story about him drowning.

This explanation will make sense to Bratya -- because apparently Yatholen doesn't mind being cursed when he actually did something, but he doesn't like being cursed when he didn't. Bratya will then confide to you that only a death at sea will appease Yatholen now, although convincing Amerleen to stop cursing the god might help, too.

Amerleen will be distraught to learn what really happened, and the part she played in invoking Yatholen's wrath, but she'll ask you to go next door and tell Broven that she forgives him. However, when you reach Broven, he'll let you know that right after you left Amerleen, she threw herself into the sea and sacrificed herself to Yatholen.

That's basically it for the quest. When you return to Bratya, he'll tell you that the scapulari are retreating, and you'll gain some experience. Then when you return to Verno and give him the "happy" tidings, he'll reward you with the promised 650 gold pieces.

3 - Etar

Etar will tell you that Virgul and his pirates have been hanging out at Stico Bay (#3a), causing trouble for the fishermen, and he'll ask you to convince them to leave. If you agree, then you'll receive two quests: "Fisherman's Problem" (to convince the pirates to leave) and "A Meeting with a Pirate" (to meet with Virgul).

When you talk to Virgul, he'll readily agree to leave -- just as soon as somebody returns to him his Compass, which might be in Stico Cave to the east (#3b). This conversation will complete "A Meeting with a Pirate," but it will generate two new quests: "Find My Compass" (to give the Compass to Virgul) and "Compass Search" (to find Stico Cave).

Outside the cave you'll meet a villager named Greston. He has the Compass, but he'll rudely try to convince you to complete a task for him before he'll give it to you. If you want to, you can simply kill Greston and take the Compass from his corpse. But if you listen to him, then he'll ask you to go to his mother Faoda in Clovelly Village (#3c) and tell her that he's sorry. This will trigger the quest "Greston's Request." For your efforts, Greston will give you the Compass.

Note: Stico Cave is a small underground cave, but you'll find a treasure chest inside of it.

When you give the Compass to Virgul, you'll receive gold and experience, and Virgul and his men will leave the bay. When you visit Faoda and let her know about her son, you'll receive experience. Finally, when you return to Etar to tell him the good news, he'll give you some gold.

4 - Grah Magna and Famah Tolem

Grah and Famah are healers who are involved in the quest "The Healer's Gathering," which you can pick up in Four Stones Village.

5 - Clovelly Cave

You'll encounter a bunch of scapulari inside the cave.

6 - Wyvern Island

You'll find half a dozen wyverns guarding a Fox Heart Potion on the island.

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