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Overview: Brumhill Village

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1 - Brumhill Village

When you arrive at Brumhill, you'll discover that it has been overrun by glacier orcs. You won't be able to do anything in the town other than kill several groups of orcs, but if you explore everywhere and pick up the Moon Eye Crystal (you should find it lying on the ground on the northern side), you'll complete four quests from Komorin.

2 - Thalmont Node

You can use nodes like this one to speak to your sister Kira. See the quest entry for A Dim Light for more information.

3 - Menno Hagerard

Menno will give you the quest Ruining the Groms' War for Them.

4 - Old Boar Cave

Inside this cave you'll encounter a pair of giant spiders, a bunch of regular groms (including some grom shamans), and a couple of ogres. The spiders can only inflict poison damage, so if you use an immunity to poison item before facing them, you're guaranteed to win. But for the others, you might need to come back later when you're more powerful. If you can defeat the enemies, then you'll find a half dozen chests inside the cave.

5 - Grom Camp

You'll find a bunch of young groms inside the camp, but, thanks to the nearby magic source (M) and health shrine (H), you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating them. (Just make sure that the fighting takes place at whichever shrine helps you the most.) Inside the camp, you'll find a pair of chests and a Goblin Totem, which can be used for the quest Ruining the Groms' War for Them.

6 - Devil's Chamber

You'll encounter over a dozen glacier orcs at this site. Glacier orcs are tougher than young groms, and you'll have to fight them all at once, so you might want to skip this battle until later.

7 - Ruined Graveyard

Graveyards (here and elsewhere) are sources of Taint Shoots, which you'll need for Orm Varagor's line of quests near Covengor Village. Taint Shoots generate undead creatures each night, meaning that you can use graveyards as a steady stream of experience points, but that tactic isn't really needed. In the back of this graveyard you'll find an "advanced" chest.

8 - Ganga Cave

The Ganga Cave is optional. In the front part of it you'll run into several white wolves and polar bears. In the back you'll encounter three glacier orcs and three treasure chests.

9 - Deladkull Glacier

Despite being annotated on your world map, there really isn't much to see on the Deladkull Glacier. The only reason to go there is to build up your character through random encounters with wolves, bears, and glacier orcs.

Other Places of Interest:

EEnemy (Bandit / Grom / Orc) Camp
HHealth (Maliel) Shrine
MMagic Source
$Treasure Container