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Quest: The Hangman's Rope

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "The Hangman's Rope," "Gallows Hill," "Black Magic," and "More Rope."


You'll trigger this series of quests when you approach Basil Tylar at his cottage east of Komorin Village (#1).


The first time you meet him, Basil will ask you to retrieve a Hangman's Rope for him from Gallows Hill (#2) -- with no questions asked. If you agree to this request, then you'll receive two quests: "The Hangman's Rope" (to fetch the rope) and "Gallows Hill" (to find Gallows Hill). There isn't any fighting involved in these quests; you'll just need to make your way to Gallows Hill and pick up the rope, which should simply be lying on the ground. Returning the rope to Basil will net you a pretty good reward: gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Necromancers.

When you talk to Basil again, he'll give you the quest "Black Magic." He'll hand you a Black Magic Doll and ask you to deliver it to the bandits in the Old Smuggler's Cave to the east (#3). However, when you arrive at the cave, the bandits will keel over dead, and the doll will disappear. Then when you return to Basil, he'll be thrilled to learn that his doll worked as designed, and he'll reward you with some experience and 2 more reputation points with the Necromancers.

Finally, when you talk to Basil a third time, he'll tell you that he'd like to kill Lord Ebrat Skelden, but to make that happen he'll need some more rope so he can craft another doll. Basil won't tell you where to find a Hangman's Rope this time -- and for good reason. There isn't any. As soon as you've moved far enough away from Basil's cottage, you'll receive notice that you've completed the quest, and then when you return there you'll find Komar Ramza, one of Lord Skelden's men, waiting for you.

If you admit to Komar that you assisted Basil, then he'll attack you and you'll have to kill him. That choice will earn you a small amount of experience, and you'll also receive a full set of leather armor. If you instead tell Komar that you don't know what he's talking about, then you'll earn a higher amount of experience, and Komar will leave you alone.

Note: Komar won't care if you break into Basil's cottage and loot his treasure chests.

1 - Basil Tylar

2 - Gallows Hill

3 - Old Smuggler's Cave