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Quest: Meet Kira in the Other Node

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for "Meet Kira in the Other Node" and "The Past and the Future."


In all, you'll need to speak with your sister Kira at a node three times during the main questline. The first visit was covered in the quest entry for A Dim Light. The other two conversations are covered here.

You'll need to speak with Kira at the Western Thalmont Node (#1) and at the Southern Node (#2), but nothing much will happen during these conversations. Kira will tell you to be careful, and you'll lay out your plan for rescuing her, but you won't gain any great insights about the relic, and you won't trigger any new side quests. In fact, it's entirely possible that these latter two conversations are optional, and you can skip them entirely.

1 - Western Thalmont Node

2 - Southern Node