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Quest: The Missing Son

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Ged Sammra (#1) will give you this quest when you walk up to him in Tharbakin.


Ged will tell you that he hasn't heard from his son Myron in over three weeks, and he'll ask you to track down a mercenary named Hagrast who might know where he is. You'll find Hagrast in the mountains far to the east (#2). He'll tell you a long story about what happened to him and his men -- the short version of which is that Myron is now dead.

When you relay this information to Ged, you'll gain some experience, and Ged will vow to make House Skelden pay for his son's death. You'll then receive the quest "A Father's Vengeance" (to warn Ebrat Skelden), but as of version 1.5 this quest appears to be broken. No matter what you do, the quest will "complete" before you can reach Ebrat, and you won't receive a reward.