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Overview: Ashos

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1 - Yorun Togawa

When you approach the front gate of the city, Yorun Togawa (#1) will stop you and ask you to help out a woman named Hoko Sayuri. This will trigger the quest "Find Hoko." Yorun will also mention that the orcs do not attack Ashos because they are afraid of Yatholen's Eye, which is stored inside the temple (#7).

You'll find Hoko living nearby (#1a). When you talk to her, she'll tell you that her sister disappeared. Hoko will describe her sister as 32 with short black hair and a red dress, and she'll speculate that her disappearance might have something to do with the temple where she worked. She'll then suggest that you talk with the blacksmith (#8), who recently added a side door to the temple. If you agree to help in the search, then you'll receive the quest "Find Hoko's Sister."

Despite Hoko's speculation, you'll eventually discover that the mayor (#9) caused the disappearance. After completing his quest and learning that he's a werewolf, you'll find a Red Dress inside his house. If you take the dress to Hoko, then you'll confirm that it belonged to her sister, and Hoko will ask you to leave her to her grief. You'll also earn some experience.

Then the next time you try to leave the city, Yorun will stop you and inform you that Hoko killed the mayor and fled into the forest, and he'll ask you to find her and tell her to wait for him. You'll find Hoko on the path east of the city (#1b). She'll be happy to hear Yorun's message, and then when you return to Yorun you'll receive some experience.

2 - Hajime Masaware

Hajime Masaware (#2) will tell you that the local authorities are trying to track down and arrest the magic dust dealers in the city. Since you're unknown in Ashos, he'll ask you to go undercover and pretend to be a magic dust courier, and to find out the names of the people involved. If you agree, then Hajime will give you some Magic Dust, and you'll receive the quest "Tracking Down the Magic Dust Dealer."

To complete the mission, you'll just need to talk to a few people. Kenji Sahashi the innkeeper (#2a) will send you to Takumi Kajiura (#2b), one of the dust dealers. Kajiura will send you to Arai Kurihara (#2c), the other dust dealer. Finally, Kurihara will accept the Magic Dust from you, and your tour of the Ashos underworld will come to an end. You'll gain gold and / or experience at each conversation.

When you return to Hajime, he'll be happy with your work, and he'll reward you with some experience. Then when you talk to him again, he'll tell you that the scholar Kano Mizoguchi (#2d) is looking for some help.

When you get to his house, Mizoguchi will give you the quest "Look in the Temple." He'll speculate that all of the tachidis insects roaming around outside the city are being bred by somebody, and that maybe it is going on inside the Yatholen Temple (#7). He'll then ask you to check out the temple, and he'll give you a key so you can get past the locked gate inside (#10).

However, you won't find anything inside the temple -- well, at least not insects. After wandering around for a while, the quest will update to reflect that the insects must be coming from somewhere else. When you return with this news to Mizoguchi, he'll be disappointed, but he'll still reward you with some gold and experience.

3 - Merchant's Guild Building

Inside this building you'll meet Misuke. If you have the quest "Another Strange Delivery" from Garrid Swan in Qudinar, then you'll be able to deliver the Merchant's Association Package to Misuke and finally be rid of it. Once he has the package, Misuke will reveal to you that the entire courier business was a test -- to see if you'd disappear with the package and give it to the Giriza. Even if you basically did just that and showed the Giriza the contents of the package, you'll still pass the test, and Misuke will tell you that Talor Ravinard, the leader of the Merchant's Guild, would like to speak with you in Cathalon. You'll also earn some gold, experience, and reputation.

4 - Giriza Corner

You'll find two Giriza shopkeepers and one trainer here. The trainer will offer to teach you Sneak and Stealing.

5 - Kouji Hisakawa

When you approach him, Kouji Hisakawa (#5) will ask you for your help. He'll tell you that he once had to sell some of his father's letters in order to earn some money, but that the woman he sold them to now won't sell them back, even though he's offered her twice as much money. If you agree to look into the matter, then you'll receive two quests: "Get Back My Letters" (to return the letters to Hisakawa) and "Talk to the Poetry Collector" (to visit the collector who bought the letters).

You'll find the poetry collector, Kimura Ishii, to the south (#5a). She'll offer you a deal. She'll tell you that she bought an old house outside of the city (#5b), but that it is infested with zombies. If you can clear out the zombies for her, then she'll discuss the letters with you.

You'll find half a dozen zombies at the house, and killing them will net you 1 skill point. Then when you return to Ishii, she'll refuse to give you the letters -- and she'll call you the thief! To actually get the letters, you'll need to go to the house you cleared out and talk to Ishii there. This time she'll demand 500 gold pieces from you, and if you acquiesce then she'll give you the Poet's Letters.

Note: At pretty much any time during the quest, you can simply kill Ishii and get the Poet's Letters from her that way.

When you return to Hisakawa with the letters, he'll thank you for your hard work, and he'll reward you with some gold and experience.

6 - Society Mages

At this spot next to the teleporter (T), you'll meet three society mages: two shopkeepers and one trainer. The trainer will offer to teach you Earth Magic and Water Magic.

7 - Yatholen Temple Entrance

8 - Uchinao Sakamoto the Blacksmith

When you ask Uchinao Sakamoto the blacksmith (#8) for the key to the temple (#7), he'll tell you that he'd like to help -- but that he has his own problems, of course. He'll then give you the quest "Get Rid of the Greedy Sister." He'll tell you that his recently deceased father left the smithy to his sister rather than to him, and that the sister plans to keep it even though she doesn't know anything about being a blacksmith.

However, when you talk to Hidee the sister (#8a), she'll paint you a different story. She'll tell you that Uchinao didn't treat their father very well, and that she is perfectly comfortable in a smithy. Then she'll ask you for your help. She'll tell you that she needs her father's will legalized, and she'll ask you to take it to the mayor (#9). The only way to advance the quest is to agree, at which point Hidee will give you the Blacksmith's Will.

Oddly, you can't take the will to Uchinao. The only way to "persuade" Hidee to give up the smithy is to kill her -- but you can do that at any time, including after completing her quest to legalize the will. So go ahead and deliver the will to the mayor, and then return to Hidee for some gold and experience. If you then kill Hidee and return to Uchinao, he'll give you the key as promised, and you'll also earn some experience.

9 - Mayor's House

Masakore Murata the mayor (#9) won't start out in his house. He'll only appear here when you need to have a will legalized (see #8 for details). At that point he'll give you the quest "Medicine for the Mayor." He'll ask you to go outside the town and visit the "healer woman" (#9a) and get from her his usual medicine.

The healer woman's name is actually Yaida Masae, but when you speak with her she'll tell you that the mayor owes her money, and so she'll demand that you complete a task for her before she'll give you the medicine. That will result in the quest "Clearing the Forest," which will require you to go to a spot nearby (#9b) and kill the tachidis insects there.

For killing the insects, you'll receive 1 skill point. Then when you return to Masae, she'll give you some experience and the Medicine for the Mayor -- but she'll also reveal that the mayor is really a werewolf, and that if he doesn't take his medicine regularly, then people tend to disappear.

When you give the Medicine to the mayor, he'll reward you with gold and experience. That's the end of his quest, but if you explore his house, you'll find a Red Dress in the back room. The Red Dress is involved in Hoko's quest (see #1).

10 - Locked Gate

You'll need to complete a quest for Uchinao Sakamoto (#8) or for Kano Mizoguchi (#2) to get the key for this gate.

11 - Water Element

You'll need the Water Element for the main questline (see the quest entry for The Relic for details). However, when you pick up the element (aka Yatholen's Eye) the orcs will attack the city and kill everybody. So be sure to complete all of the Ashos quests that you're interested in before proceeding.

Note: If you keep getting lost in the winding passageways of the temple, here's the easiest way to get from the entrance to the Water Element. Go through the northern exit in the first room, and then take a left at the first intersection. From there you can just follow the hallway all the way to the end.

12 - Islands

On both of these islands you'll encounter reapers and stone golems, but on the western island you'll also find Throglin's Vine, while on the eastern island you'll also find Evil's Blood.

Other Places of Interest:

EEnemy (Bandit / Grom / Orc) Camp
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