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Quest: Ruining the Groms' War for Them

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You'll receive this quest from Menno Hagerard (#1), who is located between the Excavations and Brumhill Village.


When you talk to Menno, he'll tell you that House Skelden doesn't have the manpower to deal with the groms, not when they're also fighting Clan Karga. But then he'll have an idea: the groms are superstitious, so if you can steal their magical Goblin Totems, which they consider to be a source of divine protection in battle, then they'll lose heart and stop attacking.

Menno will tell you that there are four such totems out there, but that you'll only need to capture three of them to disrupt the groms. You'll find the Goblin Totems in large grom camps (#2). You'll only face young groms in most of these camps, and so you should be able to storm them right away. Once you've acquired the totems, delivering them to Menno will earn you some experience, 1500 gold pieces, and 2 points of reputation with House Skelden.

1 - Menno Hagerard

2 - Grom Camps