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Quest: The Dangerous Rebel

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Berud will give you this quest when you talk to him in Covengor Village (#1).


Berud is one of Lord Skelden's men. He'll tell you that he was sent to Covengor Village to kill Conn Krannach of the Karga Clan, but that Krannach learned of his approach and got away. Since you are unknown to the Karga Clan, Berud will speculate that the rebels and peasants won't pay any attention to your movements, and he'll offer you a reward if you can get close enough to Krannach to kill him.

You'll find Krannach far to the east (#2), near the Excavations. If you talk to him, then he'll offer you a quest, and it's perfectly safe to complete it before attacking him. Once you've killed Krannach, when you return to Berud, he'll reward you with some gold, and you'll also receive 2 points of reputation with House Skelden. You won't lose any reputation with Clan Karga. They'll never realize that you played a role in the murder (or even that there was a murder).

1 - Berud

2 - Conn Krannach