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Two Worlds allows you to brew your own potions by dragging ingredients to the alchemy pot on the right side of your inventory. Most of the time when you brew your own potion, the bonuses on the created potion will just be the sum of the bonuses of the ingredients, modified by your alchemy skill. But sometimes you'll create a weapon power-up or a trap instead. Listed below are some of these recipes.

Note: There are many recipes, and almost all of them allow substitutions. The list below is not complete.

Another note: The recipes listed below are for an alchemy skill of 10. For lower alchemy skills, you'll need to include more ingredients.

Air Power-Ups

Ingredients Result
Garnet (or Quartz or Magnesite) x 2 Air Power-Up
Quartz x 3 Major Air Power-Up
Garnet (or Magnesite) x 5 Major Air Power-Up

Fire Power-Ups

Ingredients Result
Amber (or Ruby or Sulfur or Topaz) x 2 Fire Power-Up
Ruby + Opal Fire Power-Up
Ruby x 3 Major Fire Power-Up
Amber (or Sulfur or Topaz) x 5 Major Fire Power-Up

Necromancy Power-Ups

Ingredients Result
Opal (or Salt) x 2 Necromancy Power-Up
Opal (or Salt) x 5 Major Necromancy Power-Up
Diamond x 2 Major Necromancy Power-Up

Water Power-Ups

Ingredients Result
Azurite (or Silver) x 2 Water Power-Up
Silver x 3 Major Water Power-Up
Azurite x 5 Major Water Power-Up


Ingredients Result
Calcite (or Desert Rose or Mica or Pyrite) x 2 Poison Trap
Amethyst (or Emerald or Sapphire) x 2 Ripper Trap
Amethyst (or Emerald or Sapphire) x 3 Poisoned Blades Trap
Amethyst (or Emerald or Sapphire) x 4 Hot Irons Trap
Amethyst (or Emerald or Sapphire) x 5 Sharp Icicles Trap