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Posted by ValH at 10:14 am on 07.22.2017 (6 years ago)

The folks at GOG want to distract us from this summer's sweltering heat by offering us a chance to play a lot of heavily discounte...

Two Worlds Series Interview

Posted by ValH at 2:08 pm on 01.27.2017 (7 years ago)

Loutrage, a French website, had a chance to talk with Dirk P. Hassinger from Reality Pump. First thing that becomes apparent from ...

Some Little Things to Love in RPGs, Part One

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 9:53 am on 10.11.2016 (7 years ago)

Richard Cobbett's latest contribution to Rock, Paper, Shotgun isn't one of his usual editorials, but instead a gallery that attemp...

Two Worlds: The Best Bad Game of All Time

Posted by BuckGB at 3:06 pm on 04.26.2015 (8 years ago)

There's a new editorial over at WOW247 entitled "Two Worlds: The Best Bad Game of All Time" in which the author seeks to explain w... Battle of the Games: Two Worlds vs. The Witcher

Posted by BuckGB at 3:36 pm on 06.30.2012 (11 years ago)

Reality Pump's Two Worlds: Epic Edition is being pitted up against CD Projekt RED's The Witcher: Enhanced Edition in today's GOG.c...

Two Worlds II: Castle Defense Announced

Posted by BuckGB at 6:43 pm on 04.21.2011 (13 years ago)

As a tower defense strategy game, TopWare's newly announced Two Worlds II: Castle Defense certainly falls out of our scope of cove...

Good Old Games TopWare Sale

Posted by Brother None at 12:45 pm on 01.27.2011 (13 years ago)

Good Old Games' sale for this weekend features titles from their TopWare catalog, including Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, Two Worl...

Two Worlds II Articles

Posted by BuckGB at 11:24 pm on 12.28.2010 (13 years ago)

There are a couple of Two Worlds II articles of interest today, starting with a two-part "comparison review" on Two Worlds Vault t...

Why Eurogamer Loves Two Worlds

Posted by BuckGB at 8:52 pm on 12.14.2010 (13 years ago)

One of the editors at Eurogamer tells us why he "loves" Two Worlds - and we're not talking about Reality Pump's sequel, but rather...

Conquest: Two Worlds

Posted by BuckGB at 2:46 pm on 12.14.2010 (13 years ago)

The Armchair Conquistadors have taken it upon themselves to play through the Xbox 360 version of Reality Pump's Two Worlds, and ha...

Arcania: Gothic 4, Two Worlds, and Two Worlds II Image Comparisons

Posted by BuckGB at 1:32 pm on 11.4.2010 (13 years ago) has slapped up some ridiculously large images comparing the graphical prowess of Arcania: Gothic 4 versus what we saw i...

Enclave, Gorky 17, Two Worlds, and More on Sale at GOG

Posted by BuckGB at 7:26 pm on 08.7.2010 (13 years ago)

Over the weekend, you can grab ten TopWare titles on Good Old Games for only $31.90 (50% off). Notable RPG titles in the pack incl...

Two Worlds, Rise of the Argonauts, and More For Cheap

Posted by BuckGB at 8:43 pm on 07.31.2010 (13 years ago)

GoGamer has kicked off another one of their "48 Hour Madness" sales, during which you can score Two Worlds and Rise of the Argonau...

Two Worlds II "Sordahon's Journey", Episodes 1 and 2

Posted by BuckGB at 10:21 pm on 07.26.2010 (13 years ago)

SouthPeak Games has sent us over a couple of videos that provide a humorous look at "the world of Antaloor from the eyes of a trag...

Two Worlds and Enclave Now Available on Good Old Games

Posted by BuckGB at 1:15 pm on 05.13.2010 (13 years ago)

It's not very surprising to see the addition of Starbreeze Studios' Enclave on Good Old Games, but it's a bit unusual to see that ...

A Tribute to Two Worlds

Posted by BuckGB at 9:18 pm on 04.22.2010 (14 years ago)

Calling it the Xbox 360's best "bad" game, the editors at OXM have whipped up a hilarious tribute to the many faults that seeped ...

Two Worlds v1.7b 'Curse of Souls' Patch Released

Posted by BuckGB at 9:37 am on 05.8.2009 (14 years ago)

Reality Pump sent out a press release this morning announcing the availability of a new v1.7b "Curse of Souls" patch that adds fou...

Player-owned Workshops Coming to Two Worlds

Posted by BuckGB at 12:50 pm on 02.18.2009 (15 years ago)

According to a news post on the official Two Worlds website, Reality Pump plans to implement player-owned workshops in Two Worlds:...

Two Worlds Review

Posted by BuckGB at 12:07 pm on 12.24.2008 (15 years ago)

There's a new review of Reality Pump's Two Worlds on personal blog World 1-1, though you'll discover that it's not all that favora...

Two Worlds: Epic Edition Reviews

Posted by BuckGB at 10:47 am on 09.23.2008 (15 years ago)

Honest Gamers and Gamepyre have both conjured up reviews of Southpeak and Reality Pump's Two Worlds: Epic Edition, though they arr...

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