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Gameplay Tips

Jumping can help you climb hills and mountains more quickly.

You'll run more quickly if you have your weapon sheathed.

Items won't disappear from containers, so it's safe to use one (or more) for extra storage.

To move a stack of items, hold down the control key when you click on the stack.

You won't regenerate any mana if you're poisoned.

You'll only regain health when your weapon is sheathed.

Chest contents aren't decided until you open up the chest. That means you can save and load until you get something you want.

The amount of gold and experience you receive for completing a quest depends on your level. The higher your level, the greater the reward.

Character Development

You'll have to play as a human male in the single player campaign.

If you complete most of the quests and explore a lot of the world, you'll reach level 70 before the end of the single player campaign.

You won't face any enemies on mounts in the single player campaign, and so the "unseat" skill is worthless.

You'll barely have to do any swimming in the single player campaign, and so there isn't much need for the "swimming" skill, either.

Your attack rating has more to do with whether you score a critical hit than it does whether you hit your opponent at all.


When you "double up" items (that is, combine them) you have to use two items of exactly the same type. Also, when doubling up, you can only add five magical bonuses to an item. If you have two items of the same type, but combined they would have more than five magical bonuses, then you won't be allowed to double them up.

You'll gain a lot of skill points in the game, so we would not recommend you add skill bonuses to your equipment when doubling items up. Instead, try to add damage, or attribute bonuses, or resistances.

Some daggers can only be used in your off hand, and so you won't be able to equip them unless you have the "double blade" skill (even though it might look like you meet all of their requirements).

Always keep a torch handy. Underground dungeons might be too dark to explore otherwise.

You can use as many "magic power-ups" as you want on a single weapon, as long as the power-ups are all the same type. That is, you might want to stash away your power-ups (or at least one kind of power-up) until you've found the weapon that you plan to use at the end of the campaign.

On the inventory page, daggers are placed in the box under the quiver. You only wield your dagger when you're in sneak mode.

The bonuses from your quiver will count for you even if you're not wielding a bow.

Some shopkeepers will spawn each time you enter a zone. That means their name and their stock can be different each time you see them, and so they're good people to visit when you're hunting for equipment (just teleport away and then back again to see a new selection). Examples of this include the Brotherhood shopkeeper at Vesit's Corral and the Society shopkeeper south of Komorin.


If you hide behind a tree, ranged attackers will walk right up to you to attack you. If you have trouble chasing down ranged attackers, you can also use the "chains" spell to root them down.

Many tough enemies (such as grizzly bears early in the game) can be defeated by using the "jump back" key. Just attack the enemy a couple of times, and then when it telegraphs its attack (such as when the grizzly rears back on two legs), jump back and then repeat.

You'll need magical damage to kill ghosts.

Skeletons are immune to slashing and piercing damage, and you'll face a lot of them in the game. So make sure at least one of your weapons can do bludgeoning damage, or a lot of magical damage.