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Quest: An Ogre in the Windmill

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "An Ogre in the Windmill," "Taint in the Graveyard," and "Satrius' Crown."


Mayor Gordar will give you these quests when you talk to him in Windbreak Village (#1).


For your first task, Mayor Grodar will ask you to kill an ogre who has taken up residence at one of the village's three windmills (#2). If you haven't faced an ogre yet, you can kill it just like you do bears. That is, you can hit it a couple of times and then jump back when it starts to swing at you, and take no damage. Killing the ogre will grant you 1 skill point, and then when you return to Grodar, he'll give you 500 gold pieces for your efforts.

For your next task, Grodar will ask you to clear out the undead creatures in the local graveyard (#3). As with the ogre, you'll gain 1 skill point for completing the job, and 500 gold pieces when you return to report you success.

For your final task, Grodar will ask you to go to the King's Tomb (#4) and bring back Satrius' Crown for him. To help you out, he'll give you a key so that you can unlock one of the gates inside (#5). However, when you reach the crown, you'll discover that it is a "cheap imitation." Grodar won't be happy about this turn of events, and he won't give you a reward for your hard work.

Note: You'll need to complete Grodar's tasks or Captain Hogard's tasks to reach the interior of the tomb, where you'll also find the Earth Element (on the same coffin as the crown). You'll need the Earth Element for the main questline.

1 - Mayor Grodar

2 - Windmill

3 - Graveyard

4 - Entrance to the King's Tomb

5 - Locked Gate

6 - Satrius' Crown / Earth Element