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Overview: Excavations

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1 - Harban

When you approach him, Harban (#1) will trigger the quest "Safe Neighborhood." He'll tell you that there is a wolves' den nearby (#1a), and that the wolves there sometimes prey on the workers of the Excavations. If you go down and eliminate the wolves, then you'll receive 1 skill point at the time of the deed, and some gold and experience when you return to Harban.

2 - Arald Tatsurin

Arald works for the Society. He'll talk to you about Necromancers and the Taint, but he won't give you a quest.

3 - Armin

Armin is a worker in the mines. If you have the quest "Work Withheld" from Stork near Tharbakin, then talking to Armin will reveal that House Skelden has been pulling chests out of the mine, and that they probably haven't been sending them to King Emrys. Talking to Armin and updating the quest will earn you an experience reward twice, which is probably a bug.

4 - Sano Moon

The first time you meet Moon, he'll list a bunch of ways that you can improve your reputation with House Skelden, including completing quests for Harban (#1), Set Kistor (#5), and Brokk (#6). Moon will also give you a more personal quest, A Delicate Issue, and just talking to Moon will grant you 2 reputation points with House Skelden.

5 - Set Kistor

Set won't appear here until after you've spoken to Sano Moon (#4). When you do spot him, he'll inform you that House Skelden has been working with some bandits, but that they'd now like to sever their ties with them -- permanently. If you agree to help, then you'll receive two quests: "Bandits' Hideout" (to find the bandits) and "Disposable Tools" (to kill them).

You'll find the bandits in the Silver Plate Cave, located east of the Forgotten Village. If you talk to the bandit Finch, then you'll be given an option: to kill the bandits or to let them go and then tell Set that they're dead. Since the bandits are also involved in a quest from the Giriza (near Tharbakin), and since for that quest it's better to let them live, you should let them leave peaceably. But either way, you'll receive 1 skill point after you've dealt with Finch.

Afterwards, when you return to Set, he'll reward you with some gold and 2 points of reputation with House Skelden.

6 - Brokk

Like Set Kistor (#5), Brokk won't show up until after you've spoken to Sano Moon (#4). At that point he'll give you the quest "A Traitor in the House." He'll tell you that someone has been feeding secret reports to Clan Karga, and he'll ask you to find out who the traitor is and to recover the documents.

Brokk won't give you any clues about where to look, and if you wander around searching for the traitor, you'll never find him. To make the traitor appear, you'll need to accept the quest "Collecting Evidence" from Ethan at the Karga Camp. Ethan will tell you that a man named Zed Masara in Gorelin Village has some documents for the clan, and he'll ask you to collect it. After the conversation, Zed will appear next to one of the houses near Gorelin's front gate (he'll look like a normal peasant, and probably be chopping wood).

When you talk to Zed, you'll have to make a choice, since you'll only be able to deliver the documents to one of the two quest givers. If you give the Excavations Reports to Ethan, then you'll gain 2 points of reputation with Clan Karga. If you give the reports to Brokk, then you'll gain some experience and 2 points of reputation with House Skelden.

7 - House Skelden Headquarters

The guard outside the headquarters won't let you in until you've gained 4 points of reputation with House Skelden. You can get 2 points of reputation just for talking to Sano Moon (#4), and other quests for House Skelden can be found nearby. When the guard finally decides to wave you through, you'll earn some experience.

Inside the headquarters, you'll find two buildings: a "warehouse" (aka a jail) and Lord Ebrat Skelden's house. You won't be able to get inside the jail yet, but the door to Lord Skelden's house should be open. When you talk to Lord Skelden, he'll tell you that Clan Karga has information that could ruin the House, and that you'll need to deal with them immediately.

Lord Skelden will give you two quests: "The Weak Link" (to disable the man who guards the Karga Camp) and "The Test of Loyalty" (to blackmail Maxia Calvo's husband in Covengor Village). If you go into the jail and talk to Maxia, then she'll give you the quest "Playing with Hope" (to free her).

If you free Maxia (by picking up the key in the jail and giving it to her), then she'll escape, but House Skelden will turn against you, and you'll be forced to kill Lord Skelden and Sano Moon (#4). So don't complete Maxia's quest unless you want to side with Clan Karga and complete the quest "Eye for an Eye" for Cahal Karga. If you kill Lord Skelden, then eventually everybody will disappear from the Excavations, so even if you want to side with Clan Karga, you might want to finish some House Skelden quests first.

Note: Freeing Maxia Calvo is worth 4 points of reputation with Clan Karga. You'll receive 2 points when you leave the jail, and 2 more points when you talk to Maxia's husband Eryn in Covengor Village.

Lord Skelden's two quests are pretty straightforward... because they're really only one quest, and you'll only have to do one thing to complete them. You'll just need to travel to Covengor Village and talk to Eryn Calvo (located near the town teleporter). No matter what you say to him, he'll agree to prevent a warning from reaching the Karga Camp when House Skelden's forces are approaching.

Note: Although it might not be clear from your conversation with him, Eryn is really agreeing to stop a man named Zan from sending the warning to the Karga Camp. That is, he'll disable the Karga Camp guard, not you, and that's why blackmailing him will also complete "The Weak Link."

When you return to Lord Skelden, he'll reward you with 2 measly points of reputation with House Skelden, and everybody at the Karga Camp will disappear. But the door to the Karga Treasury will open, allowing you to pick up The Relic, which you'll need to complete the game.

8 - Abandoned Hut

You'll find three treasure containers inside the hut.

9 - Old Mine

The guard outside the mine won't let you enter unless you have a positive reputation with House Skelden. You can also kill the guard to get inside.

The mine is a small place. Inside you'll find some skeletons and dead knights but no treasure chests. The dead knights are tough, so you might want to wait a while before tangling with them.

10 - Wild Hole

The Wild Hole isn't all that wild. You'll find some groms and treasure chests inside.

11 - Grom Camp

This is one of the four grom camps where you can find a Goblin Totem. Goblin Totems are necessary for the quest Ruining the Groms' War for Them.

12 - Conn Krannach's House / Dark Soul Dungeon

If you don't have a high enough reputation with Clan Karga, then the guard out front of the house (#12) will encourage you to leave. Otherwise, he'll ask you to meet with Conn Krannach inside. You can also kill the guard to get inside, and Krannach won't notice the difference.

When you talk to Krannach, he'll give you the quest "Friend's Favor." He'll ask you to retrieve a Figurine of Throglin, which is located in a dungeon to the north (#12a). You'll have to defeat some groms to get to the dungeon, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem. When you give the figurine to Krannach, he'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with Clan Karga.

Note: There is also a quest to kill Conn Krannach (available from Berud in Covengor Village). If you simply start attacking Krannach (rather than announcing your intention via dialogue), then the guard outside won't come to his assistance.

13 - Hagrast's Camp

At this camp you'll meet Hagrast Wisp, "one of the most hated men in Thalmont." If you talk to him, then you'll learn that he killed his men after they turned against him (or after he hit his head and imagined they turned against him). This is relevant for the quest The Missing Son in Tharbakin.

If you talk to Hagrast a second time, you'll be given the option to challenge him to a duel. If you kill him, you'll gain 2 points of reputation with Clan Karga.

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