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Quest: Orc Catapults

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "Orc Catapults" and "Meaning Business."


Raul Dang will give you the quest "Orc Catapults" when you approach him in Cathalon (#1).


Raul will tell you that the orcs are preparing to assault Cathalon, but that they need triggers from human catapults to make their own catapults work. Unfortunately, three such triggers were left in Hadeborg Castle (#2) when the orcs overran it, and Raul will ask you to get them back.

Hadeborg Castle is located south of the River Gon, and you'll find it infested with orcs and ogres. There isn't any trick involved in this quest; you'll just need to fight your way through the masses until you reach the Catapult Triggers in the back (lying on the ground near to the teleporter).

When you deliver the Catapult Triggers to Raul, he'll reward you with 3000 gold pieces, and you'll also receive some experience and 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

As an alternative, you can also talk to Trados Prophiter near Cathalon (#3). He'll appear at his spot after you've received the quest "Orc Catapults" from Raul Dang, and he'll give you the competing quest "Meaning Business." He'll ask you to deliver the Catapult Triggers to him instead, and if you do then he'll reward you with 6000 gold pieces.

Note: Unverified by us, but apparently you can kill whoever you deliver the Catapult Triggers to, and then deliver them to the other quest giver as well.

1 - Raul Dang

2 - Hadeborg Castle

3 - Trados Prophiter