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Overview: Eastern Army Camp

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1 - Rek Crooket

When you enter the camp, a soldier named Rek Crooket (#1) will approach you and ask you to "Deliver a Letter" to Commander Drak (#1a). However, when you do that, you'll discover that the letter was a forgery and that Rek was attempting to use you (perhaps his surname should have been a clue).

Commander Drak will then give you an ultimatum -- help him or go to jail. You'll obviously decide to help him, and so you'll receive the quest "Three Bottles of Whiskey." To get the bottles, you'll need to return to Rek. Rek will reward you with some gold and experience for delivering his letter, and then he'll tell you the pass phrase "whiskey makes ya frisky" that you'll need to repeat to the Samuel the Smuggler (#1b) to get him to deal with you.

After a short conversation, Samuel will sell you three bottles of Whiskey. When you deliver them to Drak, you'll receive some experience for your efforts.

2 - Rigwell

Rigwell is involved in the quest "Arrows for Rigwell" from Cathalon. Once you've delivered the Arrows to him to complete the quest, he'll give you a new quest, "Talk to Gravor." You'll find Gravor to the south right next to Commander Drak (#1a). When you meet with him, he'll give you the quest The Deserter.

3 - Marco Rivdal

Marco (#3) will give you the quest "Theft of Some Underpants." He'll tell you that Commander Drak (#1a) drills his soldiers so hard that they've decided to get a little revenge by hanging his Underpants from the flagpole in the center of the camp. You'll find the Underpants sitting on a table at the laundry camp to the west (#3a). If you grab the Underpants and deliver them to Marco, then he'll reward you with some gold.

4 - Trainers

There are three trainers in the camp. They'll offer to teach you Balance, Berserking, Blinding Arrow, Deadly Pirouette, Disarming Arrow, Double Blade, Knock Down, Multi Arrow, Piercing, Stun, and Unhorse Strike.

5 - Xyros

Xyros will tell you about the orc "Ugly," who has been trapping and killing the soldiers from the camp. If you agree to hunt him down, then you'll trigger the quest "Mind the Trap." You'll find Ugly slightly north of the camp (#5a). When you kill him, you'll gain 1 skill point, and then when you return to Xyros, he'll reward you with gold and experience.

6 - Bodlo

Bodlo is the camp cook. He'll give you the quest "The Cook," which will require you to find seven Wolf Hearts for him. Wolf Hearts are dropped by every kind of wolf, so if you don't have seven already, it should not be difficult to find enough. When you deliver the hearts to Bodlo, he'll reward you with some experience, and he'll also tell you about a "Hidden Treasure." The treasure is located along the shore west of Qudinar, and when you pick it up you'll discover that it is worth 50,000 gold pieces.

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