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Overview: Gorelin Village

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1 - Met

Met will stop you when you approach Gorelin Village (#2). If you've gained some reputation with the Giriza, then he'll open the front gate and allow you to pass. If you haven't, then he won't.

2 - Gorelin Village

Gorelin is a small village where you'll find some shopkeepers but no trainers. It's the place to go if you're in the market for daggers and swordbreakers.

You can also meet a man named Lars Sagana in the village. He'll tell you that his family was murdered by someone -- or something -- named Ironshoes. A few people in the area, including the Enlighted at the Old Manor (#5), will mention Ironshoes, but we never found a quest involving him.

3 - Gorelin's Cave Entrance

You'll encounter lots of skeletons, including fire skeletons (who are immune to fire damage), inside the cave.

4 - Rovant Village

Like Gorelin (#2), Rovant is a small village. You won't trigger any quests in it, but you will find a couple of shopkeepers and a trainer. The trainer will offer to teach you Alchemy, Necromancy, and Stone Skin. You can also sometimes find foxes in the forest surrounding Rovant. Foxes always drop Fox Livers.

5 - Old Manor

You'll meet Rake and Jar outside the manor. Both will have green borders to their talk icons, but only Jar will give you a quest. He'll tell you that some people from Gorelin (#2) recently went to the haunted dwarf ruins to the south (#3) and never came back. That will trigger the quest "The Haunted Ruins." You'll complete the quest when you reach the ruins, but you won't receive any sort of reward for your efforts.

Inside the manor you'll encounter Solon Moraios, aka the Enlightened. He'll give you lots of background information, but he won't give you any quests.

Note: If you kill the Enlightened and rob his house, Rake and Jar won't notice.

6 - Gallows Hill

You'll find two Taint Shoots here. Taint Shoots can be used in the quest Bring Me Some Taint.

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