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Quest: Into the Darkness

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Organization Note

This page includes information for the quests "Into the Darkness" and "Sword for Hire, Soul for Hire."


These first two quests are basically an introduction to the game. You'll receive hints from the game about what to do, and so you probably won't have any trouble. If you're planning to play a bow character, then we recommend that you turn on "bow auto aiming" under settings->interface. Otherwise you might end up shooting the floor a lot. If you're planning to play a spellcaster, then check out your spells (default key: M) and put your two booster cards on the "firebolt" spell.

Note: If the opening cinematic sequence didn't make any sense to you, then feel free to read our version of the background story.

To complete these first two quests, you'll need to kill a pair of groms in the temple (#2), and then talk to Tago outside (#4). The groms are pretty weak, but if they manage to kill you, then you'll appear at the nearby health shrine (H). Dying won't cost you any gold or experience or anything, so don't worry if the battle goes badly. When you kill the groms, you'll receive two new quests: "Sword for Hire, Soul for Hire" (covered here) and "An Old Friend" (covered in Komorin Village).

When you reach Tago, he'll give you 60 gold pieces for clearing out the temple, and he'll tell you that a "tough stranger" has come to town looking for you. You'll find this stranger in Komorin, which is located to the south. Your dealings with the stranger are covered in the next quest, A Dim Light.

Note: After you've finished speaking to Tago, he'll wander over to a teleporter (T). You won't be able to use teleporters until you've completed a quest in Komorin Village.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Groms

You'll also find a torch on the ground here. You should always keep a torch with you for when you visit dark places.

3 - Locked Gate

You won't be able to go through this gate until later in the game.

4 - Tago

5 - Dead Bodies

The cinematic sequence leading up to the quest mentioned that two bodies had been discovered near the temple. This is where you'll find them, plus some basic equipment.

Other Places of Interest:

EEnemy (Bandit / Grom / Orc) Camp
HHealth (Maliel) Shrine
MMagic Source
$Treasure Container