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Overview: The Rusty Ogre Lodge

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1 - The Rusty Ogre Lodge

The lodge is a small place where you can pick up a trio of quests. You won't find any trainers or shopkeepers here, though.

Savras Ram will give you the quest "Forgotten Lore." He'll tell you a sad story about how he wanted to become a mercenary but eventually realized he wasn't cut out for it. Savras will then give you a key, which you can use to access the dwarven vortex in the Ancient Temple of Throglin (where you started the game). You'll complete the quest when you reach the locked gate in the temple (which will earn you some experience), but you'll get the real reward when you jump up to the vortex itself -- a onetime bonus of 5 skill points. Ghosts will appear after you've used the vortex, so be sure you have some magical damage at your disposal, or just flee the temple to get away.

Alfron Dekar will give you the quest "The Orna Mine." He'll tell you that dwarves have slipped south into the human lands, and that they've taken over the Orna Mine to the north (#3). He'll then ask you to kill the dwarven commander, who can be found inside the mine (#4). Just accepting the quest will earn you some gold and 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood. Then when you kill the commander (called the "dwarf leader") you'll earn some experience and 1 skill point, and when you relay the information to Alfron, he'll give you some gold, and you'll earn 2 more points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

Holi will give you two quests: "Dangerous Neighbors," where you'll need to reach the Orna Mine (#3), and "The Lost Patrol," where you'll need to look for Holi's brother, who was lost in one of Alfron's patrols into the mine. You'll find the patrol, or what's left of it, deep in the mine (#5). After visiting the site of the massacre, when you return to Holi, he'll reward you with some gold, and you'll also receive 2 points of reputation with the Brotherhood.

2 - Basil Tylar

Basil will give you a series of quests, starting with The Hangman's Rope.

3 - Orna Mine Entrance

4 - Dwarven Commander

5 - Lost Patrol

6 - Cyclops

Cyclopes are big and tough, and they have a ton of hit points. If you can't defeat the cyclops here, then you can always dash past it, loot the nearby chest, and then run away.

7 - Gate / Yamalin Town

There isn't any way to open the gate (#7) or to reach Yamalin Town (#7a).

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