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Quest: The Deserter

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You'll receive this quest from Gravor in the Eastern Army Camp (#1). To make Gravor appear, you'll need to complete the quest "Arrows for Rigwell" for Nellor in Cathalon.


Gravor will tell you that a human general named Kun Paik recently turned traitor and joined the orcs. He'll then ask you to kill Paik before he can reveal anything to the orcs about the human defenses.

You'll find Paik far to the south at Hadeborg Castle (#2). You'll have to battle lots of orcs and ogres to get to him, but he shouldn't be all that difficult to kill. In fact, you might not even notice that you're fighting him until you get the notice that he's dead.

When you return to Gravor after killing Paik, you'll receive some gold for your efforts.

1 - Gravor

2 - Hadeborg Castle