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Quest: A Dim Light

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "A Dim Light," "A Grim Message," "No Room for Negotiations," "A Crack in the Glass," "The Twins," "An Ace in the Sleeve," "High Stakes," and "Talk to Ho."


For these quests, you'll just need to walk around and talk to people. There isn't any combat required, other than whatever random enemies happen to get in your way, so you should be able to complete these quests right away.

First off, you'll need to speak to Gandohar (#1). He'll introduce himself as the author of the letter that brought you to Komorin Village, but he'll claim that he's just a messenger, and that his master will tell you what you'll need to do to get your sister back. For talking to Gandohar, you'll receive experience.

You'll find Gandohar's master, Reist Tungard, in the Goat's Cave to the east (#2). He'll tell you that you'll need to complete a mission for him to get your sister back. When you scoff at the idea, he'll send you back to Gandohar, but you'll receive experience for completing the conversation.

You'll find Gandohar just outside the cave near the entrance (#3). He'll tell you that he has an allegiance to your sister Kira as well as to Reist, and that he can be trusted to help you. When you remain skeptical, he'll suggest that you talk to your sister using the nearby Thalmont Node (#4) to verify his story.

When you approach the node, Kira will appear. She'll tell you that Reist is looking "for something that once belonged to our family," but other than calling it a "relic," she won't say much about it. She'll only recommend that you destroy it, and that you should talk to Gandohar again.

Note: Apart from the quests described here, Kira will also give you a quest to talk to her again. That quest is covered in the entry for Meet Kira in the Other Node.

Gandohar (still at #3) will tell you a few things -- that the relic is the key to the dead god Aziraal's tomb, that the relic has been broken into several pieces, and that only descendants of your family can use it -- and then he and you will cook up a scheme to get Kira back safely. You'll decide to do Reist's bidding, but then you'll destroy the relic in Qudinar after you've put it together and after Kira has been released, but before Aziraal can be awakened.

Before you can start hunting for the relic pieces, you'll need to inform Reist (still at #2) of your decision. He'll be less than thrilled at your terms, but, after a brief conversation, he'll send you back to Gandohar. Gandohar will then give you some clues about the whereabouts of the five relic pieces, and he'll suggest you talk to a man named Ho (#5) to learn more. Then Gandohar will leave and wait for you outside Qudinar.

When you reach Ho, you'll discover that he is a strange one -- no, we don't want to know anything about how Gandohar smells, thank you very much -- but he'll supplement Gandohar's clues about the relic, and after your conversation with him, you should have five quests: one for the relic frame and four for the relic stones. Talking with Ho will also net you some experience.

Tracking down the relic pieces is covered in the quest The Relic.

1 - Gandohar (1)

2 - Reist

3 - Gandohar (2)

4 - Thalmont Node

5 - Ho