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Quest: A Delicate Issue

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You'll receive this quest from Sano Moon at the Excavations (#1).


Moon will tell you that a package he is expecting has not yet arrived, and he'll ask you to teach the courier a lesson -- plus find out what happened to the package. The courier is named Estar Gren, and you'll find him in Gorelin Village (#2) in the "pub" part of the town.

When you talk to Estar, he'll tell you that Clan Karga stole his shipment, and that he can't retrieve it without it looking like he's taking sides in the conflict. This will give you two options: to force Estar to tell you the location of Moon's package, or to kill him. If you kill him, then he won't let you know where the package is, but you'll still be able to find it. If you let him live, then you won't actually get any money from him like the conversation implies, but you will receive 2 points of reputation with the Giriza (since Estar is a Giriza smuggler), and you'll trigger one of those no-reward quests, "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (to locate the package's hiding place).

You'll find Moon's package in a cave controlled by Clan Karga (#3). If you have a positive reputation with the clan, then the guard out front will let you in. Otherwise, you'll have to kill him to get in. Inside the cave you'll find an object named The Cure. This is the package that Moon wants. When you deliver it to him, you'll receive experience and 2 points of reputation with House Skelden.

1 - Sano Moon

2 - Gorelin Village

3 - Karga Cave