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Quest: Caravan

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "Caravan," "The Orcs' Camp," "White Head," "White Head Hideout," and "White Head Message."


Captain Ran Hograd will trigger this series of quests when you talk to him in Windbreak Village (#1).


Captain Hograd will tell you that he and his men were ambushed while they were transporting an important orc prisoner named White Head to Cathalon. Hograd was wounded, so he decided to stay in Windbreak Village, but his men continued on with the prisoner. The problem is, Hograd hasn't heard anything from his men since, and he'll ask you to check up on them.

You'll find the remains of the men on the road to the east (#2). Just reaching the spot where they were ambushed is enough to complete the quest; you don't need to kill the orcs there unless you want to. When you deliver the bad news to Hograd, he'll send you to an orc camp to the north (#3) to see if you can find White Head there. You won't, of course, but when you clear out the camp you'll earn 1 skill point (if you cleared out the camp before reaching Hograd, then you'll earn the skill point when you get there).

When you deliver this second batch of bad news to Hograd, he'll give you some gold for your efforts thus far, and then he'll give you one last task: to travel to the back entrance of the King's Tomb (#4), where scouts have spotted White Head, and kill him.

When you reach White Head (#5), you'll discover that he understands your language, and that will give you two options for dealing with him: to let him know that Captain Hograd has healed enough to fight him, or to fight him yourself.

If you choose to let Captain Hograd do the fighting, then you'll turn into a messenger. You'll have to talk to White Head, then talk to Hograd, and then talk to White Head again. After the last conversation, you'll earn experience points twice, and White Head will grant you access to the rest of the tomb. If you choose to fight White Head yourself, then you'll gain no less than 3 skill points when you kill him, but Hograd won't give you a reward when you return to him.

Either way, the locked gate to the west (#6) will open up, allowing you to explore the rest of the tomb. You'll need to pick up the Earth Element (#7) from the tomb interior to complete one of the quests in the main questline. You can also gain access to the tomb interior by completing a series of quests for Mayor Gordar of Windbreak Village. The crown next to the Earth Element is for one of his quests.

1 - Captain Ran Hograd

2 - Orc Ambush Site

3 - Orc Camp

4 - Back Entrance to the King's Tomb

5 - White Head

6 - Locked Gate

7 - Satrius' Crown / Earth Element